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DNA Paternity Testing FAQs

  • + I have multiple possible fathers, but only one has agreed to the DNA test. Can I do a paternity test with just one possible father?

    Yes, we can do paternity testing with just one alleged father and the child. If he is not the father, you would then encourage the other possible fathers to participate in a paternity test.

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  • + How do I use the paternity test?

    Samples are collected via cheek swabs. Cheek swabs are convenient and safe for participants of any age, including infants.

    Each participant should use three (3) swabs and place the swabs in the specimen envelope provided, noting the person's name, date of birth, race description, and (if applicable) their relationship to the other participants. Each envelope needs a consent signature that matches the name provided for each of the participants, and/or a legal guardian consent signature for anyone under age 18.


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  • + Why include the mother in a paternity test?

    It is not required, but testing the biological mother of the child always strengthens the paternity test result and increases the likelihood of obtaining a conclusive result. Therefore, Identigene strongly recommends testing the biological mother.

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  • + How will I receive my results?

    You can use the Results Login to view, download, and print your paternity (and other test) results.  You may also get results over the phone. If you would like a copy mailed to you please call us at 1-888-404-4363 to request your first copy. Any additional copies are $35.

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  • + Can someone tamper with the swabs or the results of the Paternity Test?

    If someone tampers with a swab, it is likely to be discovered in the lab as a contaminated sample. If DNA samples from two people are mixed, both profiles will be detected. A new collection is required when a contaminated sample is discovered.

    To address concerns about the identity of each person in the test, we recommend a legal paternity test. A legal paternity test requires a third party to witness the DNA collection process and verify the identity of each person beiing tested. To order a leagl paternity test, plase call 1-888-404-4363


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