Ancestry DNA Testing. Where do you come from?

Other than DNA testing for relationships IDENTIGENE offers one type of testing for Ancestry searches.  This test is called Ancestry by DNA 2.5.  It is a popular test for people who are just trying to get an idea of what regions of the world their ancestors may have come from.

Ancestry by DNA 2.5 will give you a percentage breakdown of your DNA into four different population groups.  These groups are Native American, European, East Asian, and Sub-Saharan African.  It is not able to break down the percentages much further.  For example, it cannot tell you which tribe your Native American percentage may have come from.  Also, it is a total picture of your DNA and cannot tell you which side of the family a given percentage may have come from. There is more information on our website about this type of test on our website at:

There is one upgrade option to this test.  This is called the Euro DNA 1.0.  This test is only available after the Ancestry by DNA results are returned and show that you have at least 50% European, less than 40% East Asian, and less than 15% of either Native American and Sub-Saharan African.   This additional testing will reflect the following sub percentages of Northern European, Mediterranean, Middle Easter, and South Asian.  You can find more information on this type of testing on our website at:

Many people find these tests interesting and understand it is mostly for informational purposes.  Some people take this type of testing in an attempt to confirm certain types of heritage to join organizations.  Please understand that these results may not be accepted by these groups.  You must check with them.  Unfortunately, our client support group is not aware of which organizations may or may not accept these results.

I had this test done a few years ago and was I found that while I am 90% European (not a shocker when you see my pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair) and 10% Native American.  This part was a large surprise for me and for my father as he has been doing our family’s genealogy for years and has no records of where this could have come from.

So, the results of this type of testing can be interesting and maybe answer a couple of questions you have about your ancestry.

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  1. Hi,

    Why can’t we order online? There’s no link for online ordering. The websites states the test is available 2009 but doesn’t state the month. It’s 2009 already – 3 months now. When will online ordering be available?

  2. I took an autsomal test [dnatribes] it was very helpful as I’d felt for years that I had some eastern european ancestry somewhere distant in my tree.People had commented that some of my ancestors looked a bit slavic and I’ve been a serious ‘slavophile’ since I was young but had nothing in my tree connecting me to the area.Sure enough nearly ALL my population matches were to Eastern Europe.

  3. This test is $239.00. I thought I mentioned this in the blog. Thank you for asking!

  4. Hi how much would this dna testing cost!? I and my three sons are very ionterested in our ancestry routes!

    Many Thanks,