DNA Testing and Turn Around Times.

Anxiety levels are generally at an all time high when you have sent your samples off to us and are awaiting your results.  How long with this DNA test take is a commonly asked question when people are ordering or completing their paperwork.  I know you want the answer to be one day or less than an hour.  Sadly, that is not the case.

Well, really the exact time frame for your DNA Test will depend.  A DNA paternity test will generally take three to five business days from the time samples start testing in the laboratory.  Many people confuse this time frame with the day they mail samples.  This is the expected time frame and a large majority of tests are completed within this time frame.  Unfortunately, there are rare cases where a sample does not give us everything we need the first time it is tested and is tested again.  This may delay the DNA test results slightly.  Like I said, this is not the norm but it can happen.

This three to five business day time frame for your DNA Paternity Test is assuming everyone being tested used the cheek swabs provided with the kit for their sample collection.  If the father or child is deceased and another type of sample is used, a tooth brush for example, the time frames are slightly different.  Because a special sample like this requires different extraction (getting the DNA from the sample) processes it will increase the time required for testing.  In most cases this type of DNA Paternity Testing will take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Other types of DNA Testing may have different time frames, like Sibling DNA Testing.  This type of testing can take anywhere between three to four weeks.  This is because the analysis that is required for siblings is more complex and is calculated differently than DNA Paternity Testing.  The same time frames apply to Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing also known as Avuncular DNA Testing and Grandparent DNA Testing.

Our lab works at finding new ways to become more efficent and cut times down as much as possible.  As I said before, I know its never fast enough when you are having a hard time sleeping without the answer.  If you have suggestions for the blog or questions on today’s topic, leave a comment or email me at kstyer @identigene.com.

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