Who pays for the paternity test?

There are a few questions that come up about who pays for the paternity test or any other DNA test.  Some are fairly common and some are a little more obscure. Here are just a few.

Can I use my checking account to pay for the test?

Currently, we do accept credit/debit cards for payment or a money order.  We cannot process a check over the phone and we do not currently accept personal checks mailed with your DNA samples.

Will my insurance company pay for the testing?

Simplest answer for this question would be to ask your insurance company.  I have never heard of a health insurance company paying for this type of testing.  If they do it will likely be through a reimbursement program.

Can I use my flex spending account to pay for this testing?

My experience has been, no you cannot.  I have processed a few payments for customers that continually declined.  When I asked about the card the customers have mentioned it was a flex spending account.  When I researched our companies flex account DNA testing of any kind is not covered.  I would imagine it would be the same for any company.

If the results come back negative do I get my money back?

This question is often asked by the alleged father in a case.  Can anyone guess the answer?  No, we do not refund the money of your test if you are not the father.  If you would like to try and get the biological mother to pay you back for it that is something between you and her, IDENTIGENE will kindly stay out of that dispute.

As a government employee can I get them to pay for the DNA Test?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this question, but my guess is no.

These are a couple of most common payment questions we receive.  If you have a question that was not addressed here feel free to add it to our forum: http://www.dnatesting.com/dna-testing-forum or leave a comment on this blog.  Have a nice day!

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