Maury Povich, Paternity Tests and Real Lives

Working for a company that does paternity testing, you can imagine that the Maury Povich “Who’s your daddy” topic often comes up.  We have all seen the episode where they bring out the woman and she is absolutely sure that its one of two men that are the father of her child.  When the results are revealed that neither are the father, the men begin to dance, the woman begins to cry and the crowd cheers as if they were at the circus.

At first, there is the tendency by most people to join the mob and participate in the amusement of the whole scene.  But when we take a second and step back and look at the situation as a whole, we realize that these are people lives that we are talking about and that the results of the test are so much more than a cheap way to entertain a crowd.

Over the years, I have witnessed a lot of stories about people using paternity testing, sibling testing and other forms of DNA testing to find out who they are and who they are or are not related to.  Entertaining a crowd is not usually on the list of reasons why someone wants to take a test.

Most often, the reasons for getting the test revolve around peace of mind and knowing the truth.  And the interesting thing about knowing the truth is that it helps people make decisions.  Once they have the facts, people are able to make the decision that affect the rest of their lives.  Whether that decision is to connect with the father you never knew, to meet the 6 siblings you didn’t know you had, to continue school now that you know the baby isn’t yours, or to continue paying child support even after finding out you are NOT the biological father because you care about the child( I have seen this happen), knowing the truth always seems to make those decisions easier.

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  1. Hello, daughter and I just had a DNA test done with her alleged father and the test came back as him not being the father. We had the test done through Lab Pro and everything seemed to be done okay when we showed up except I received a call three weeks later saying they had the wrong last name of my child on her sample. I asked them if we should retest and they said this would not make a difference in the result. Her father and I were both sure that he was her father. She looks just like him, his mother, and his family but the test said he was not. Some of his genetic markers did match her’s and mine but not all of them so they ruled him out. They also did not include the PI marker on either test. Could this test be faulty or even wrong because there is no way anyone else could be her dad, we were both shocked by the results.

    • Hello Kendra,

      The lab is correct, the name on the report would not in any way affect the DNA results. In order for him to be the biological father of the child he does have to match each location. There may be some matches, but this does not indicate a biological relationship. It simply means those specific markers can be common in the population. You and I could test and have matches, it does not mean we are related, only that the markers are common. Again, to be a biological match they must match at each location. If you are still unsure I would recommend another test, however, as long as the same DNA is submitted from the same participants, the results would be the same.

  2. Me and my boyfriend took a paternity test and results say that he is not the father but i am certain that he is in fact the father of my child and yes our results were sent to a AABB lab but do you think we should try a different lab .? could the strength of the dna been weakend if we ate abt 25 to 20 minutes before testing .? because even on some of the markers him and my son did share a number match up but still no percentage were detected.

  3. i recently got a legal dna paternity test for my son and his alleged father. i went with them but i was not aware i should be tested and i wasnt. could that affect the results?

    • Hi Clarise,

      Not necessarily. If the laboratory completing the paternity test is unable to obtain a definitive answer without your DNA sample they may contact you for your sample if it is needed. Including the Mother can help with the test, however, if you do not participate the laboratory may still get a strong answer without your sample.

  4. My husband & I want to do a DNA test without the mother knowing. Does her DNA have to be included for accurate results? Thank-you.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Conclusive results can be reported with out the biological mother, however, you must be aware that there is a small chance that conclusive results may not be possible without her. What we do if we can not get a conclusive answer without her, we do contact the customer and ask them to get her profile at that time. If they can not, it will be reported as inconclusive. However, this is rare.

  5. Uh, where’s the shiftiness and hard-to-pin down communication here?

  6. I have received DNA results regarding my son. The only man that he has known as dad had a 0% probability of being his father. i dont believe the results we all took the test but at different times. My son looks just like his father on the results he had no markers that match the alleged father how is this possible? I just think he pulled something when he took his test he is too calm and collected

    • It’s unfortunate, but possible, when using a home DNA paternity test, to have one of the participants switch the samples, or get a sample from someone other than them selves. This is especially true, when the samples are collected at separate times.

      Looks aren’t really a good indicator of paternity, but if you are certain that the man being testing IS the biological father, then I would suggest retesting. Make sure that you are present when he collects the samples, and that YOU are the one that mails the samples to the lab. An even better option is to do a Legal Paternity test. This is the same test as a home paternity test, but because the samples are collected and handled by an independent third-party, all test participants can be confident that the samples where not tampered with in any way.

      Legal DNA Paternity Test

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  8. Im married….have been for nearly 4 yrs. my husband has been the only father my daughter has known…..If I test the other man in a dna test……does his id have to be given and what legal rights would he have if its proved he fathered her? I have never been married to him and my daughter doesnt have his name and he is no where on the birth certificate? Can you help me? Does the other man have the right to know the results?

    • Hi Katie,

      If you use one of IDENTIGENE’s Home Paternity Test kits (the kind you can buy at the pharmacy) the other man does not have to provide identification. He would have to provide his name and contact information, as well as sign that he gives us consent to test his DNA.

      Because it is his DNA we are testing, yes, we will give him the results of the test, if he wishes.

      As far as his legal rights, I would consult and attorney, but in most places the man listed on the birth certificate is considered the father. I believe the other man would still have to petition the court for parental rights, even if the DNA test shows he is the biological father. For DNA Paternity Test Results to be admissible in court, the DNA samples would have to be collected by a third party, and the other man would have to provide identification for court admissible results.

      Read more about the difference between Home Paternity Tests and Legal DNA Paternity Tests

      Hopefully this answers your question. If you would like to know more please give one of our test consultants a call (800-404-GENE). They will be able to advise you on your particular situation.

  9. When purchasing over the internet, Buyer Beware is always good advice to follow. That said, accurate results ARE available without a legal test. You are right, a legal test does verify the identities of the participants, but only difference between a legal test and a home paternity test is in the collection of the DNA samples. The process at the lab is exactly the same.

    Now, if both parties don’t trust each other, or if there is a question whether or not the correct people will be swabbed, then yes, witnessed collection is a good idea. As long as there is no fraud by the test participants, a home and legal test will have the SAME result.

    More important than legal vs. personal paternity test is the lab’s certification. To avoid the scammers, make sure that the lab performing the paternity test is certified with an agency such as the AABB. Also, keep in mind, lots of companies don’t have their own lab, but send your DNA samples out to another lab to be tested. Personally, I would feel more comfortable trusting a paternity testing company with their own lab to do the work.

  10. I would never use or trust an internet based company to do a paternity test. Beware of scammers because they are everywhere. The only way to know that you are getting accurate results is the legal dna paternity test. With this test, every party will have to show an ID, have a picture taken of them at the time of the test and get finger printed. There are many more precations to insure that the person taking the test is who they say they are when you get a legal paternity test. It is more expensive, but it is probably worth it. Good luck to all!

  11. Why not just call Maury?

  12. I have had two DNA tests which confirm that i am my daughter’s father (99.99%).

    I am still not convinced. Is it possible that both internet-based companies made up the results?

    Is there a history of cowboy DNA testers on the internet?


    • Jake, I am not aware of any companies that are making up DNA test results. My recommendation would be to check with the AABB to see if the lab that you used is accredited by them. This means that there labs experience an annual audit regarding their Legal DNA Paternity Testing. Even though your testing may be personal this accreditation is generally a good indicator you are working with a trustworthy and reliable lab. I hope that this will be helpful.

  13. I agree with Kate – you should try your best to find out which laboratory performed the testing. Not all labs are created equal. It sounds like you do not trust the original test results. If this is the case, then ask the father and your daughter to get retested, and include your sample. Like Kate said, try to obtain a Legal DNA Paternity Test. If the father or daughter does not agree, then you may want to consider a Discreet Paternity Test. This type of test will require you to gather DNA samples on your own. Many DNA labs offer this service, so you can visit any of their websites for more information. Good luck.

  14. Do you know what laboratory this testing was performed through? Have you seen a copy of the DNA results? Without seeing them myself it would be difficult to speculate as to what happened in your case. I would recommend a Legal DNA Paternity Test as this will require that all samples are collected by a neutral third party. You can find more information about Legal DNA Testing on the Identigene website at:

  15. my daughter recently went to a testing company with this man that claims to b her father.i know with a douth in my mind that he is not the father i had not been with this man for nearly a year when i got pregeant with this child. now here we are 30 years later and they “my daughter and this man goes to some place and get tested and it comes back 999.99% he is the father. unless a sperm can hang around for over 10 months in a womans body it is impossible for him to be her father!! is there any other way to prove to my daughter that i have not been lying to her for 30 years, a blood test or something!! help me please.
    desprate in little rock