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Where can I get a negative paternity DNA test done?

This is a question we see a lot. People want to know how to beat  DNA paternity results, or if the lab itself has switched samples to produce  incorrect DNA testing results. This is really a two part discussion.

Falsified Paternity Test Results

First, there are no trustworthy DNA testing service laboratories that will falsify Paternity DNA testing results and second, an individual cannot “beat” a paternity test. You can’t change your DNA by taking special vitamins, drinking a lot of water, medications, or alcohol.

When performing an at home DNA paternity test, if all participants are not present when taking the DNA samples, some people may think about using someone else’s DNA in place of their own. This is why the personal DNA testing is not deemed to be admissible in court. For a legal DNA test all participants are collected at a collection facility by a third party with no interest in the outcome of the paternity results. Identification is verified to ensure the correct participants are collected and the collector then mails the samples to ensure no tampering of samples.

Paternity Test Lab Errors

The second part of this discussion involves the laboratory actually performing the DNA testing. Could they have switched the samples to give incorrect paternity results? We can’t speak for all laboratories; however, any reputable or accredited laboratory follows very strict guidelines to prevent this from happening. When samples are run and paternity results are negative, here at Identigene, we run the DNA samples again to make sure results are accurate. If the paternity results are positive, the chances that the samples happened to be switched with another case, and the alleged father in that case is the real biological father, are exceedingly unlikely because the father is a match to the child.

These are sensitive topics in the world of DNA testing and Paternity results that seems to be all over the place. If you do have anything to add, or additional questions please let us know. We welcome discussion.

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  1. my girlfriend told me she slept with different boys without using condoms from when she was three to four months pregnant after we broke up, can this afford me a chance that the results will be negative or inconclusive.

    • Hi Ganther,
      Once the baby is conceived, the child will have the same DNA and it will not change because of intercourse during pregnancy. DNA test done on the child will reflect the DNA of the father from conception. I hope this answers your question. If you have more questions, please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  2. My child’s father went to prison right after I became pregnant. He was not present at the birth therefore he could not be placed on her birth certificate. I requested a DNA test in order for the state to obtain since he is in prison an astonishing the results came back as he is not the father. We have 3 other children together so this was our fourth and I have not been with any other man.So the results are wrong.I believe it was Labcorp who took the tests and the fees are $500 for a retest. He knows he is the father as well yet the results place a doubt in his mind as would anyone.What can we do? The state will not request a recheck and they’ve closed the case since I can’t afford a retest. Is there any programs or volunteered retesting from Identigene to prove the mistake and give the facts that he is the father. I am devastated and think everyone I’ve spoken to disbelieves that DNA tests can be wrong. How do I find what the mistake is? If am inmates DNA is on file can that be tested too or compared to what was recently submitted make sure they are the same? Any help I would love to involve a lawyer to sue the company and or state and keep it all so I can clear my name as well as give my child’s father peace of mind. A relationship with a father is worth more than money can buy…..

    • Hi Amber,
      We apologize for the delay in responding. While we cannot comment or test against another DNA company, we can offer you a test through IDENTIGENE. We offer court-admissible testing for $359. You will need to consult with the prison and make sure they are in agreement to having a DNA paternity test performed. They will also need to provide someone to do the actual DNA collection so it can be admissible in court. Have in mind, it is up to the courts to decide if they will accept results for DNA testing. We cannot enforce our results over the courts. In order for a court-admissible test to work, we need to receive all the samples with a Chain of Custody form. This is a way to track who has handled and collected the samples. I hope this information helps, we hope you can gain that peace of mind everyone deserves. Please call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM ET with any more questions or concerns. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hello
    I was wondering if Grandchilds only have 25% of their Grandparents DNA then how is it that the results can come back as 99.97%???
    recently i had a DNA test done with My child possible Grandmother and me
    the result came back a 99.97% My concern is why do some of the Alleles makes match all 3 of us? test had 15 different marks 4 of them didnt match with “Grandma” but for TH01 we all just have a 6, what if the baby gets the 6 from me? for D3S1358 me and the baby have 15,16 and she only has a 15, for D21S11 both me and the baby have 29, 32.2 and she only has a 29 for D8S1179 me and the baby have 13,15 and she only has 13 and for D7S820 the baby and her have 8,11 and mine were 11,12 i dont understand why some of my marks match hers… can some one explain this to me? out of the 15 marks 9 of mine match hers

    • Hi Adri,
      Thank you for your patience!
      As humans, we share about 99% of our DNA, which is why you may see many or some markers matching. With the grandparent test, we can reconstruct the alleged father’s DNA from his parent(s) to compare it with the child. Using the biological mother helps eliminate half the DNA the child has, leaving only the other half to test for the alleged father’s DNA (In your case, using the alleged father’s parent). Our lab will then compare DNA and find the probability of relationship using the DNA provided. I hope this information is helpful. If you have more questions on understanding your results or any other questions in general, please call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. We will be more than happy to assist you! Thank you for your comment!

  4. to whom it may concern…this my story and I really want to know can this be done…about 6yrs ago I was given a dna test by the court to determine if I was the biological father…a few weeks later the test came back positive(99.99)…so I accepted it been paying child support ever since…but something that been bugging me from the time we took the test…the lady swabbed my mouth and took the swab and set in this swab holding things…it was sealed in my presence and the lady said I can go before I even seen her swab the baby…not really thinking…I got up and left…….I recently had to submit a urine sample for employment…though its urine…they sealed it…dated it and me and the nurse signed the seal…my question is simple…if the lady would’ve took my swab and used it to swab the baby mouth…would that have made it possible to be positive … just wondering

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your question. Did you test through IDENTIGENE? If so, our labs can determine if the same two samples are sent in for both participants. If this were to happen we would notify you and ask for a recollection. I hope this information is helpful. If you have more questions, please call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  5. For your DNA testing; do all contributors list their names and last of SS #? And does your letter head have more than your company name? I have someone harassing me saying my husband fathered a baby but there is no baby but this person has put together a letter. Can my husband call and get a letter that states he has no done a DNA test?

    • Hi Tena,
      For DNA collections, we do not ask or require Social Security numbers. The Paternity Test Report
      Your paternity test result appears on a single page with an IDENTIGENE letterhead and contains the following important information: the Conclusion Statement, the Combined Parentage Index (CPI) number, the Probability of Paternity and DNA Profiles for each person being tested. I hope this information is helpful, you are more than welcome to call our friendly client support for any additional questions you may have. You can reach us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  6. I went through the official paternity testing and it came back negative I dont know what to do because my son always asks me for his dad and it came back negative and my ex thinks its not his.. I would like to know if there can be another one for free this was done through the legal clinics called . I havent had moneey to do another one I would like to know if the lady that does the testing can cheat because she was so rude when she took the test and it makes me think she did something wrong

    • Hi Mary,
      Thank you for your patience! Did you order a court-admissible test through IDENTIGENE? If so, collection facilities must be trained and educated on the proper collection method and will follow the collection instructions to ensure proper handling of the samples. They take extra precaution in identifying each participant that is collected. Our lab will then test the samples we received directly from the facility. The results you see are court-admissible and 100% accurate based on the participant’s DNA. Unfortunately to test again at this point, payment would need to be taken in full. I hope this information helps. If you have more questions or would like to order a test again, please call our client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  7. How much is it to get a dna test for legal reason if you have already pay for testing with identigene. And where is the places near the Augusta Ga area that we may be able to go.

    • Hi Tonya,
      Thank you for choosing IDENTIGENE! We hope that you have had a great experience with us! The legal upgrade fee is $329 if you have done a paternity test with us already. Once you call and make a prepayment for the test, we will find locations near you so you may go and get your witnessed collection done within two days of your payment. I hope this information helps. To get your court-admissible test set up or for any other questions, please call our friendly client support at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday-Friday 9AM-8PM ET. Thank you for your comment!

  8. We had a friend take mine, my daughter’s, and the father’s swabs and she mailed them in. She is the one who paid for the testing to be done. When we got the incocnclusive results, my daughter called in and they said there is no record of our tests. How would our friend come up with the 89.99999% if there is no record of our tests. We saw her mail them ourselves. I do not know her login or password, I just have all the other information we sent in with our swabs. Will they tell us the results if we call in even though we are not the one’s who paid the fee for the testing? Thank you, Heather

    • Hi Heather,

      Results are available to any PARTICIPANT in the test as well as the payee. If a participant is unable to verify the password that was set on the case, they may reset it using our Report Release Form. This form may also be used to add an email address that you wish to have added to your case. Our friendly client support would be happy to assist you in receiving a copy of this form. An indicator that we have yet to receive your swabs is having no record of them on our system. Have in mind, the envelope provided in the DNA Paternity Test Kit may take anywhere from 5-10 mailing days for our facility to receive it. Upon our receiving the samples, we will send out an email notification to the email address provided. If your email was not listed, you are always welcome to call and check if we have received the samples or status of your test by giving your unique case number or first and last names of the participants.

      I hope this helped answer your questions! Please call us at 1-888-404-GENE with any more questions and we would be more than happy to assist you!
      Thank you for your comment!

  9. Our tests came back from Identigene as 89.9999%. Does this mean he is the father or not? They want us to pay more money and do the test again. With results this high, is it really necessary? Thanks, Heather

    • Hi Heather,
      Great question! Anything above 0% and below 99% is considered to be INCONCLUSIVE, meaning no concrete answer can be reached. CONCLUSIVE means that there is a concrete yes or no answer for paternity. When test results indicate 99% or higher it is a positive conclusive result, meaning we consider him to be the father. You can also receive a negative conclusive result, which is 0% probability of paternity which means that we do NOT consider him to be the father. An inconclusive result commonly happens if the biological mother does not participate in the test, this is why we strongly recommend that the mother participate in testing. Including the mother provides more DNA information to rule for or against paternity, this is because half of the child inherits the mother’s DNA. If we can isolate or locate what part of the DNA came from the mother, it is easier for us to determine if the father matches the other half of the DNA. Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions or concerns that we can help you with, we are here to help. We can be reached by phone at 1-888-404-GENE Monday- Friday 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. ET. Thank you for your comment!

      • Both me and him were tested along with our daughter. We were told that with both of our DNA’s between the two of us was 89.9999% so is this percentage high enough for him to be called her father? Our daughter is 24 years old, so its not a question of child support, we just want to know that he is her father without having to put more money into this. Thank you, Heather

        • Hi Heather,
          An 89.9999% is still considered to be an inconclusive result, (no concrete yes (not excluded) or no (excluded) answer) which means we were not able to consider him as the father neither exclude him. When all three participants are tested and a result such as 89.9999% is attained, there may be some more questions that we have. For example, is there another possible alleged father that did not test in this case? You may also call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. ET so you may be able to discuss this over the phone with our friendly client support. We are here to help, thank you for your comment!

          • Well we are just going to assume that he is the father. All three of us have the same blood type also which is A positive. And with a percentage such as the 89.9999% we think is pretty good chance he is. We just cannot afford to do the test again. It seems to us he most likely is since the number is closer to yes than no. If he were not the father, wouldn’t it come back 0% anyway and not 89.9999% yes? Thank you, Heather

          • Hi Heather,

            These are all great questions! Doing the test over again with the same participants would not change the results, for DNA does not change. Anything over a 0% and under a 99% is considered INCONCLUSIVE. This means we can neither exclude or include the alleged father in paternity, we do not have enough to support a positive or negative result. You may want to call our friendly client support so they may discuss with you the possibility of there being another alleged father that was not tested in this case or any other questions you may have with this inconclusive result. You can reach us at 1-888-404-GENE Monday to Friday 9AM – 8PM ET. Thank you for your patience and comment!

  10. I slept with two guys. 2 weeks apart. One is acually my 5th cousin. But the one I think is the dad is taking me to court for visitation and I want to do a test if he does. I was wondering if there’s anyway if I did a test with my 5th cousin and he really isn’t her dad that It could come back saying she is.

    • Hi Bailey,

      No, even though you may be related, if he is not the father, the test will indicate so and vice versa. If the fathers are closely related, you will want to be more cautious and it is usually best if both are tested and the lab notified of the close relation. As for the test you would like to do, you can do a personal test or a legal test. A legal test can be used in court but costs a little more because of collection fees. The legal test sets up a chain-of-custody: A authorized collector will verify identities of all parties included in the test, witness the sample collection and mail the samples and paperwork to our laboratory directly. This ensures that there was no foul play on the part of the participants and that we have received the samples intended for testing.

      If you would like to talk to someone more about your options, please give us a call and we would be happy to help answer any questions you may have regarding the process or options we offer. We can be reached Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. ET at 1-888-404-GENE. Thank you for your question!

  11. Hello,

    • Hi MHernandez,

      This is a concern that we receive quite frequently. If there is no other possibility of another father and results came back that he is not the father it may be wise to retest but make sure that you are there to witness opening the kit, sample collection and see that the samples are directly mailed to our laboratory. This will give you assurance that we received the correct samples and that everyone was honest in their collection. Another way to do this is with a legal paternity test. Testing is the same but all participants will have a collector verify identity, witness the sample collection and mail the samples to our lab. This test can also be used in a court of law. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404- GENE. Thank you for choosing Identigene.

  12. Been reading all the.comments and i have to ask do you guys get tired of saying the same thing over and over because people can’t except truth im not saying there are never errors or lying parents trying to escape responsibility but clearly in most cases people need to except truth i know y’all get tired of being the blame for others mistakes smh

    • Hi Crissy,

      We do get a broad range of questions as you have mentioned. We understand that for many, taking a paternity test is and can be a life-changing event that’s why we feel that no question should go unanswered if we can help. Facing the reality of a paternity test result, like you inferred, can also be a hard thing, but we try to help our customers by providing them with many resources and expert advice on getting through the next stages. Thank you for your comment!

  13. I would like to know how it is worded in a letter from the Attorney General’s Office stating the results from a negative paternity test. If anyone knows please let me Web know.
    Thank you..
    Jada Ka Brantley

    • Hi Jada,

      We are not sure how the Attorney General’s office states paternity test results. We recommend that you contact the Attorney General’s office of your state. This is a website of each state’s Attorney Generals that you may find helpful in getting contact information:

      Hopefully they will be able to give you details on your question.


  14. Hi,is there a drug that men uses to cheat on a DNA paternity test,and is the DNA test that is done at the magistrate court legit and more reliable??? Cause they took our(me,mum and the old guy) blood samples last week and the results will come back next month….

    • Hi Theo,

      There is no drug that can help any participant cheat on a DNA paternity test. DNA cannot change, even if it is contaminated. Contamination simply masks the ability to get enough DNA for testing–if contamination does occur even though it’s rare, the lab will likely contact you to recollect the sample. If you witnessed all the sample collections and know there is no tampering with samples before the lab tests, you should be confident in the results you receive. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-4363. Thanks!

  15. Ok… so about 10 yrs ago I did a paternity test on my son’s father. I should have known something was fishy about it because, he kept calling me saying that his finance had set everything up for us to go take a test. Well, I was like “ok” I had no problem with giving him the test because I knew deep down inside that my son was his. So, I went to go take the test on a Saturday and no one was in the office but me and him, his finance and my friend. They swabbed him and the baby. They didn’t swab me. Ok… not even 2 weeks maybe a week n a half I got the results back and the guy who worked at the office called me over the phone with the results. Their not suppose to do that!!!! So, we had to go back again, this time through the courts. We had to go to the same place and get this the same girl did the test. The only thing that was done differently was they swabbed me this time. I begged them to let us go somewhere else to take the test, but they said that’s who the state of Fl had their contract through. I know he told me that he would do anything to keep from taking care of another child. I was so young back then and didn’t know any better I let him and his finance handle everything! But, I feel n some way that something was done to the test. He was the only 1 I slept with without a rubber and if I did sleep with someone else I always wore rubbers and I always checked the rubbers for holes, because I was just that cautious about getting pregnant knowing I wasn’t on any kind of bc. Any suggestions? What do you think?

    • Hello,

      It sounds as if the test you had 10 years ago was a legal paternity test. Although paternity tests take out questions about paternity fraud, this is only true if the collection agency is unbiased against all parties and that there is no foul play on their part. If you are questioning whether or not the agency you went through gave accurate results you could try a legal paternity test through IDENTIGENE. Although there is still potential for foul play, it is less likely as all participants will not have an affiliation or know the collector. With a legal paternity test through IDENTIGENE, you can use it in court as it is court-admissible. Each participant will also have direct access to results themselves so they are sure they are receiving the real results. If you have any other questions about our legal testing or testing in general, you can call us at 1-888-404-4363. Best of luck to you!

  16. I recently got a dna test done on my 2 year old son. The guy that I tested was the only pwrson I was sleeping with at the tine I got pregnant. The test came back 0.00%. How is this possible? However, me and the alleged father went on one day, and I was scheduled to bring my son in 1 week later. Once I got there, there was nothing on file, for me or the alleged father but they still swabbed my sons mouth. He also has a family member that works there and she does not like me and kept walking by the room laughing while we were getting our mouths swab. Is this a possibility of my test coming back 0.00%?

    • Hi Tasha,

      The results from your paternity test are 100% accurate as long as the participants and those helping with the testing are honest in collection and shipping of the samples. If you suspect that there was any tampering of samples, we suggest you have a legal paternity test. In a legal test, an uninterested third party will witness collection and send the samples to our laboratory directly. This option gives you peace of mind that no one has tampered with the samples. If you have any questions about our legal paternity test, please call one of our friendly customer support staff at 1-888-404-4363.

  17. Okay, so I posted earlier in the year in the comments. I am a firm believer that my case for paternity was corrupted. I contacted the courts once again about this matter and has now found out that there is NO PATERNITY TEST IN MY FILE AT THE HARFORD COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT HOUSE!! Thru writing i requested a second test. The judges response stated that although there’s no paternity test in my file, because I took such s lengthy time frame to address it ( mind you,i stated in the letter that I contacted the states attorney and child support and didn’t get anywhere- to me that’s looking into the matter) the judge denied a retest. I have a letter from a court house with a judges signature stating there’s no paternity test in my file. I have contacted attorneys and no one will return phone calls or help. They are trying to cover up and I need help putting the truth out. My child’s father has family working in the court system and child support. I live in harford county Maryland. If there is anyone who knows an attorney or someone of authority that can help me expose the truth please help me, Im begging! this is breaking me down mentally and I need to be strong for my 3 kids, Im all they have. Im struggling to do this by myself. They won’t even be able to enjoy Christmas and my youngest, the soon to be 2 is the one whose test was corrupted. she doesn’t deserve this. the sad part is a gave him a condom and he never put it on knowing after the fact. please help!

    • Hi Tyeesha,

      If you are questioning the legal test which was conducted, and suspect there may be foul- play, you could opt for an IDENTIGENE legal paternity test. It is court-admissible and is used in court as a legal document. IDENTIGENE’s legal test uses a non-interested, 3rd- party, qualified collector in your area to verify the identity of the participants, witness the sample collection and then mail the samples to our lab. This will ensure the samples have been taken from the participants indicated and that they have not been tampered with.

      At the appointment, the collector will verify each participant’s identity through ID verification, making sure everyone is who they say they are. Your daughter’s identity will be confirmed through her birth certificate. Pictures will either be taken or a copy of the ID will be sent in with your samples. The collector will supervise that the paperwork is filled out correctly and witness the participants collect their samples. The collector will then send all of the samples to our laboratory.

      We hope this will help you. Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns. If you decide you would like to have an IDENTIGENE legal paternity test, you will need to contact IDENTIGENE to pre-pay for the test and set up collection appointments at 1-888-404-4363.

  18. hi ,I’m just wondering could anyone help ? I slept with only 2 fellas but both tests came back negative which I do not understand .. On of the alleged fathers left the swabs in a glass for a hour and swabs my Childs tounge but the only prob is I slept with both fellas within 24 hours bad mistake but I dont understand hit this could happen please help :( (

    • Hi Jade,

      Did you witness each collection and mail all the samples to the lab yourself? If there is no other possibility of another father, and both tests came back negative, we would recommend a legal DNA test to ensure that all parties are honest in their collection of the DNA samples. Both our personal and the legal tests are tested exactly the same, however, legal tests require a legal chain-of-custody.

      To arrange a legal DNA test you will need to contact our client support staff at 1-888-404-4363. They will arrange an appointment with a collector, a non-interested third-party, who will verify identity of each participant with photo ID or birth certificate, witness the swabbing, and mail all the samples directly to our lab. Legal testing will give you peace of mind that we have received the correct samples and that your results will accurately reflect the paternity of your child.

      As for your question regarding how the participants were swabbed, there is a possibility of contamination, however if there is contamination our lab will detect it once testing begins. Contamination sometimes makes it difficult to extract DNA, but the DNA itself cannot change. We will call you and ask for a recollection of the sample if this situation arises. If however, there is no contamination; our lab will be able to accurately process your samples. Let us know if you have any other questions, we are happy to help!

  19. My ex boyfriend was tested with my second child, results came back not excluded. Is there any way that these results could be incorrect. I had the samples overnighted on a wed evening and the results was in on a fri is that enough time for them to be completely accurate? And seeing as his percentage was 99.99% is it even neccesary to test the other possible sperm donor?

    • Dear Sam1990,
      If the test came back 99.99% and he was “not excluded” as the biological father, we consider him the biological father. There is not a reason to test anyone else. If you overnighted the results on Wednesday and we received them on Thursday, it is possible that you would have results on Friday. During the non-peak season, we often are able to return results in 1 business day rather than two. We hope this helps! Thank you for reaching out!

      • I just had a Dna test done sept 25 I went thru child support I truly feels tho in my heart that there was an error im now testing a second person but it would not make sense causethe dates wouldn’t add up any suggestions

        • Hello Lucy,
          Thanks for your question. Finding the paternity of a child is important and can be life changing for all parties involved. If you have questions about the accuracy of your test, be sure to check that the lab doing the testing is AABB accredited. Another good question to ask is what controls they have in place to ensure accuracy.
          For instance, IDENTIGENE is a highly accredited laboratory and has worked hard to put measures in place that prevent any mistakes from being made. An extremely important part of the process is how the samples are handled and managed as they travel step by step through each stage of the testing. Although, there is possibility that the samples could be contaminated with food or drink, IDENTIGENE is able to detect any contamination once testing begins. We can also detect if there are two different DNA samples on the same sample swab because it will show two different DNA profiles. In the event that the samples are contaminated in any way, we would contact you about recollecting the samples. The DNA itself cannot be changed however, so if the samples are not contaminated, the lab will be able to process the testing and produce an accurate result. These are a few of many controls IDENTIGENE uses to ensure the accuracy of our testing. Hope this helps give you information to make an informed decision about your test.

  20. What is Chimeras what causes it n how cn you tell tht a person hav chimeras?

    • A chimeric organism is characterized by the presence of different populations of genetically non-identical cells. There are different ways for how this phenomenon can occur, but the most dramatic example is so-called tetragametic chimerism. This occurs via the fusion of two fertilized eggs, or very early during embryogenesis via the fusion of two blastocysts, giving rise to an organism that contains genetically entirely distinct cell populations. Such an organism can be either entirely male, entirely female, or hermaphroditic, in the sense that some cells are XX and others are XY.

      If a customer is concerned about the rare possibility that they are a human chimera and they have taken a paternity test, we would suggest that they contact a medical geneticist to undergo a series of genetic testing to confirm this classification.

  21. Paternal Grandparents have been dna tested along with alleged granddaughter. Results came back showing a 35 percent chance of kinship for the paternal grandmother, and a 99.98 percent chance of kinship for the paternal grandfather. We realize that a paternal first cousin is suspect (and always was) of being the biological father to the alleged granddaughter. Now for an answer to a question I cannot find anywhere, “what are the chances the negative dna results for kinship to the alleged paternal grandmother are wrong”? I read only able to read that dna results showing a negative “paternal” result are never wrong! Can anyone solve this question. Thank you!

    • Lizzy,
      I will direct this question to our lab director. As soon as I am provided with an answer, I will get back with you. Sorry for the initial delay, our blog has been “under construction” and we were instructed to allow the programmers to update it before posting any new responses. Talk soon. IDENTIGENE

    • Lizzy,
      This is from our Lab Director:

      From your comment, we aren’t sure what DNA lab you used for your testing but we know that IDENTIGENE would never issue separate results for the two paternal grandparents. Grandparents should be tested together in order to issue an accurate grandparentage index. If only one grandparent is tested, it is not possible to exclude the child of the grandparent as a parent to the child in question. If only one person is tested and there is no allele sharing between the child and alleged grandparent, the index is 0.5, it will never be zero. If both grandparents are tested together, then it is possible to exclude a child of theirs as a parent to the tested child (i.e. it is possible to get a zero as a PI at a locus in which no allele sharing is found between the child and both grandparents). If there are no exclusions, a relationship index is issued. If it is over 100, it is considered conclusive evidence supporting a child of theirs as the parent of the tested child. If it is between 1 and 100, it is inconclusive. If it is between zero and 1, it is considered evidence against a relationship.

      Also, the testing is more likely to get a conclusive result either way if the child’s mother is tested.

      Hope this helps!

  22. has there ever been an incidence whwre the witness was paid to tamper with a test? Because im really trying to narrow my issues.

  23. Getting to the point of my story, my son looks just like a celebrity’s child. He refused and complained going through the attorney general’s office, so he paid a dna test center. I somewhat believe he paid for the test to come back negative. I agreed to let it go and move on, but I am rethinking pressing the issue in a month. Its only fair to my son, but I only want them to bond… If he did such a thing, then he truly decided he doesnt want the responsibility. He can give me his rights!

    • If your son is a minor, the parent or legal guardian must give consent for the child to be swabbed. It sounds like your situation is complicated if the alleged father is not willing to conduct a DNA paternity test in front of you as a witness. If he is willing, you can purchase an IDENTIGENE DNA paternity test and arrange for a legal collection (court admissible, witnessed) and then you will allow the IDENTIGENE collector to verify IDs, approve paperwork, witness swabbing and mail in the specimens. Our number is 1-888-404-4363 if you want to pursue an IDENTIGENE kit. Thank you.

  24. I have a neighbor, her daughter does not like the father of her newborn and has not allowed him to see the baby since birth. He is going for a DNA test soon. She plans to switch the baby w another newborn in her family and so the father will not show up as this being his child. Since he has never seen the baby he will not know he is being duped. She feels the father is into drugs and cheats and does not want the infant in his life. She would rather raise it w her familys financial support. Her family is behind this plan.
    Has this happened before? What are the chances of her getting away with this?

    • Dear JPo, we appreciate your comment. Paternity Fraud is real and it does occur. The best way to avoid fraud is to have a legal collection. Meaning, to arrange for a witnessed collection with a DNA company. A legal collection can be arranged with Identigene by calling client support at 888-404-4363. This way, identification is presented and documented, a chain of custody is completed and the witness makes sure that everyone swabbing is who they say they are and that they don’t falsify the test with methods similar to those mentioned above. The witness/collector also mails in the samples so the samples are not in jeopardy of being tampered with after swabbing. Hope this helps.

  25. I recently took a parter it’s test with my daighter’s father. It came back negative but he was the only man I was sleeping with the time I got pregnant. We only took the test to prove it to his family. We had the test for a long time sitting in the cold in my car and we swabbed out mouths on the 2nd and sent the results in on the 25th. Could cold climate or anything else affect the results? I need answers.

    • No. Cold will not affect the results. If Identigene gave you a result of excluded or not excluded as the biological father, then we were able to grab DNA from the swab. Did anyone else come in contact with the swabs that could have tampered with them? DNA doesn’t expire. We recommend sending in the samples within 6 months. Feel free to contact our client support office at 888-404-4363 to see about a legal collection where all the swabbing is witnessed so that the doubt of tampering is erased. We stand by our test being 100% accurate as long as the people who swab are the alleged father and child.


    • Tyeesha,
      We are sorry to hear about your situation. If you can get the alleged father to agree to another DNA test, we could help. We would recommend setting up a legal collection through Identigene. However, since you have already gone through the legal system, you might also contact a family attorney and see if they could prove the need for a retest. Our legal DNA test costs $359 and is court admissible. We can be reached at 888-404-4363. Best, Identigene

  27. I’m searching for some answers that you may be able to help me with. If I have fraternal twins that I believe are by 2 different fathers is it possible that the DNA test will be inaccurate if only one child is tested?

    Specifically, recently a DNA test was preformed on one of the twins with the alleged father. The results came back, shockingly, that he is excluded. Now I am curious if because she is a twin (although fraternal) if there is a probability of chirmerism (or something similar). Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • Dear Casey,
      You will need to perform a DNA paternity test with each child. For example, child one should be swabbed along with both the alleged fathers. Child two would need to be swabbed with both alleged fathers. It is advisable that you contact our client support to explain your situation so that the laboratory is expecting this situation and we can supply you with enough swabs to test both twins, both alleged fathers and yourself. Although extremely rare, this situation could occur if you released two eggs and had multiple partners within 1 week (while you were ovulating). Identigene would recommend you also swab yourself with the others.

      Our number is 888-404-4363. I found a link to a news story that describes a similar situation.

  28. My name is preshous James and I took a test with a man 10years ago a man I knew for sure was my fraternal twins father I did cheat one time with smother man but we use protecting I know you get so many story ke this but I need help they gave me a percent but it wasn’t high enough to be the father they say so I went after the other guy even though I knew it was one time but that’s all it take so we take it and it was 0 percent I was out done my baby twin is a split image of his but the problem I have now is he decease and I don’t know were I don’t have a 3Rd person and IM so hurt for my boys cause they are stronger then me they say mom its ok we got you but really its no ok they need to know were they come from…I need a retest and I didn’t know his family he from Alabama I been reading people story to see if done one out there like me help please paranoia James

    • Hi Preshous James,
      If the alleged father is deceased you would need to get one of his close relatives, such as his full sibling, a known child of his, or his biological parents to do a relationship test with your children. This test is not as strong as a paternity test, however, you will receive a percentage of probability. A great organization that I know with people in similar situations is They really are an amazing group.

  29. I recently submitted a dna test through your company and received a excluded test that the alleged father is not the father, however I’m 100% sure he is as I have not been with any other person, I watched him swab and I did the swab for my son is there room for error? I’m now very confussed and upset, please help me

    • Maria,
      I would advise you to call our customer service department at 888-404-4363 and go over the results statement. They can offer advice about your situation and advise possible next steps in your search for the biological father.

  30. Can identigene be wrong? Or honestly have you guys ever been wrong?

    • Hello Jamie,
      Our laboratory practices follow AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) guidelines as well as uses the most advanced DNA testing methods to avoid error. We stand by 100% accuracy for our DNA paternity tests. Our laboratory results rely on the honesty of the participating parties – mother, alleged father and child. Unfortunately, paternity fraud (someone tampering with the swabs before they are mailed to our laboratory or deliberately swabbing someone other than who is detailed on the paperwork) occurs resulting in false results. The only way to avoid these errors would be to upgrade to a legal test with IDENTIGENE, where a 3rd party collector witnesses the swabbing, verifies identity of all parties and mails the collection directly to our laboratory.

  31. Hi anyone and everyone,
    I just had a beautiful baby boy. I am trying to find the father of my son. I got one guy tested and the results came back negative. WHICH is completely shocking. Yes, I am waiting for the results of the other guys. But the thing is I have the strongest feeling that my son is not the other guys. I had pregnancy systoms right after the first man (the one who had a negative results). Then I didn’t have sexual relations with the other guy until a month later. My son look just like him! I am waiting until I get the other results to get back. But I have been reading about false negatives. IS this even a possiablity? If so can someone explain to me how it is possible! and how it can happen?

    • Hi Janita,

      When you receive a negative result (meaning he alleged father is excluded as the biological father) this means the DNA of the child and the alleged father did not match so there is no possible way he could be the biological father. The only way the test could be wrong is if the samples that were sent into our laboratory for testing did not actually belong to the correct participants. If you do decide to proceed with another DNA test for verification I would recommend a legal DNA paternity test. This is where a third party collector collects the DNA of all of the participants, they verify ID, and take photos in most cases. The collector also sends the samples to our laboratory for testing to establish a chain of custody.

  32. If we do an at home dna test and it says either or can the mother of the child still make us go to court and pay child support if he is not the father?I mean he dosnt wana be apart of the childs life and wants to give up all rites.can he do so in the state of texas if he is the father

    • Please visit our website about Texas Paterntiy Law. Dennis Fuller is a family law attorney and could answer your questions. If he isn’t the father and a DNA paternity test proves it, I would think you would have a case. If he is the biological father, that is another story. Again, please refer to our website and my advice would be to contact a family law attorney.

  33. ok im not the one that got the test done but my friend did through identigene, and we are both pissed, she took 3 test from 3 different men and all came back negative, no tell me how is that possible when the 3 men that were tested were the only men she slept with. and she watched all of them swab and the works and sent it in but all came back as negative, im telling you i think the company made some kind of mistake and should take her test again free of charge this time do it the right way

    • Hi Lorie,
      My initial question after reading your statement would be , did your friend contact client support at Identigene? The number is 888-404-GENE. If your friend wants to email me at, I can get her contact information and give it to our customer support so that they can contact her directly. I’m sure we can work together to make sure she feels confident about the testing process. If she didn’t the first time, I know Identigene would want her to submit her DNA cheek swab along with the child and alleged fathers. I will go ahead and submit this comment thread to the corporate office.

      Thank you for contacting us.


    • Hi Judy,

      First, being under the influence of drugs will not alter the DNA. You will still get accurate results. When the results show “excluded” you may have some matches in common. This simply means those specific markers are common in the population. You and I could test and have markers in common, this does not mean there is a biological relationship, it simply means those markers are common. In order for the alleged father to be not excluded as the biological father they must match at every location baring a mutation. However, if there is a mutation at one marker we do additional testing to confirm the biological relationship. I hope I have not made this too difficult to understand, just keep in mind all markers must match or its not possible for him to be the biological father.

      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  35. My boyfriend was just tested by mouth swab, the test came back positive. He doesn’t think the little boy is his because of his birthdate. My boyfriend and the mother had sex 11 1/2 months before the birth. The test site did not ask for id and did not give him a chain of custody. He watched them put the mouth swab in an envelope but that was all. The test came back 99.99% positive, they tested the Allele (whatever that means). The mother has had multiple men tested, my boyfried was the 5th. Could the test be wrong due to the time frame?

    • Hello Kay,

      Our paternity tests are 100% accurate based on the samples that we receive. The personal paternity tests are not admissible in court because we can not guarantee whose samples we receive. If your boyfriend still has questions I would recommend having him do a legal paternity test. With a legal test all participants are collected at a collection facility (we will help set that up). The collector will collect the DNA, verify ID, and take photos in most cases. The collector also sends the samples to our lab for testing to establish a chain of custody. This will ensure the correct DNA samples are submitted. Please keep in mind that conception calculations are estimates and can not determine paternity.

  36. me and my boyfriend been going together for 2yrs and we had a baby while i was pregnant he had to go to jail.we had to get a paternity test while he was in came back negative .we tried to go back to court to get re-tested but the people said no .my boyfriend had got swobbed like 3 weeks before we did cause we keep runnin late for our appiontment.

    • Hi Jessica,
      I am sorry that your child’s paternity is still in question. If you doubt the validity of the paternity test that the alleged father took, I would recommend a re-test. Is your boyfriend still incarcerated? If so, would he be able to participate in a paternity test? If so, I would recommend you purchase an Identigene DNA Paternity Test from a major drugstore. After you purchase the test, please call Identigene at 888-404-GENE, and set up a legal collection. With a legal collection, a third party witnesses the test and makes sure the proper identification, paperwork and specimen mailing procedures are followed. This test is more expensive than a “peace of mind” test but given your situation, I would recommend a legal test.

  37. My situation is similar to some who have posted.. I have an five yr old girl and around the time I gotten pregnant wit her I was dating two men. I was so sure who my daughters Father was. Just going on looks but she resembles this man to the “T”! I had both man tested and both came back at a zero percentage. So I had to back track and came up with nothing. I started doing some research and came across some articles that says a man over 55 DNA can possible change. What an relieve! Because one of those two men,at the time of the DNA testing was well over 60. So my question to you is, Can that be true? Those studies was done at different universities. I really need help in this! What can I do to prove this on court?

    • Dear Berry,

      I am sorry to hear about your situation. Did you use the Identigene DNA Paternity Test? We can only speak for Identigene’s test. First, I have some questions about your paternity test DNA collection. Did you witness each alleged father swab his cheek? Did you watch the child swab her cheek? Did you swab your own cheek for the collection? Once collected, did you see the collection to the post office and mail the envelope yourself? Unfortunately, the validity of the DNA test relies on the trustworthiness of each participant. If you answered no to any of these questions, my best advice would be for you to retest with an Identigene legal DNA paternity test. Our customer service department can arrange this for you. With a legal test, a collector will witness the swabbing from each individual and make sure that all parties who swab, are properly identified and the necessary paperwork is completed. Also, the collector will mail in the samples, assuring the DNA specimens are not tampered with in any way.

      We cannot agree that DNA changes with age. We think that you might have misunderstood what you read – when a person ages, cells can experience a mutagenic event. For example, developing cancer. Also, when a mutagenic event occurs, it will affect one cell. At Identigene, we test thousands of cells from the cheek to establish DNA. The cheek cells DNA won’t change.

      We hope these questions and answers help you.

  38. As Im reading thur all the notes of pain from these mothers, I do understand. See Im the alleged father a little girl and we just recieved our court order test results showing Im NOT the father! Yes this is a shock to all of us, however the mother of the child keep saying that she never cheated and that Im the father. I have been a great dad to my other 2 children and I want this child to be a part of my life also, but the results says that she is not my child. So what can be done? Im would take a retest now to get this behind me, because I do not want this coming up 10, 15 or 20 years from now.

    • Hello Alex,

      Court ordered testing is usually legal testing, where all participants are collected at a collection facility by a third party to confirm the chain of custody to ensure the integrity of each sample. They do go through reputable laboratories. However, if you are still unsure of the results I would recommend doing another legally collected paternity test from a lab of your choosing. You want to do your homework on the laboratory that you select. Make sure they are accredited and in good standing. This will help get you the peace of mind you need.

  39. Amanda i feel scammed plz email me to let me kno if u had a positive result elsewhere @

    • Naj,
      Are you referring to the Identigene test? If so, please contact our customer service department with any questions regarding your test. We are here to help you understand your results statement or any other questions you have regarding your results. 888-404-GENE.

  40. Omg tiff me too i dont understand im25 he wants to retest my twin bro is his lookalike really im shocked n confused as well dont kno if i wanna retest but i do want ti kno its jus emotional:(

  41. Does the state require fingerprinting and two forms of ID? Because a liar by nature will find a way. I am sure the father of my baby will do anything to get out of just being a father. He has gone out of his way to be mean and vindictive and a liar. It is not the money with me it is the principle at this point and he cannot and will not make my son some sort of bastard without a name or a family. Are there ways to prosecute someone for slanderous statements?

    • Hello Bracheirn,

      We do not require fingerprinting, however, we do require government issued ID and photo’s are taken at the time of collection in most cases. Its ideal if all parties can go into the collection facility together, however, if that is not possible the third party collector will verify ID, take photo copies of that ID, and again, in most cases take photos of the participant at the time of collection.

  42. I had two test done by Identigene with the only.possible two fathers of my daughter and they BOTH came back negative. I watched them both swab their mouth and I the one who mailed the samples. Now I still in the same boat because I dont have an answer. I am very upset with this outcome and the customer service I have received from Identigene. I truly feel like I was scammed out of 260.00.

  43. I have a question. there was a blood test taken on me and the man who is said to be my father back in the 80′s and it came back negative. my question is : if the blood test came back negative back then and you go take a dna test now could the dna test come back positive?

    • Hello Ann,

      DNA is the same no matter where its taken from. It can be blood or cheek swabs, the DNA is the same and if you test the exact same people you will get the same results. The only thing that could change the results of the blood test may be if one of you had a blood transfusion before taking the blood samples.

  44. I wasn’t married and when I left I filed for child support, my ex told me if I didn’t stop the child support he would kill himself, but I didnt now he requested the DNA to extend the time so he doesn’t have to pay for child support and I’m thinking he is hoping my son is not his, he brags about how he frames the law before and how good of a lier he is, and I’m very concerned he may find a way to beat the test, maybe had somebody going to take the test from him or something, just to avoid financial responsibility, but they take fingerprints and pictures for the test and I could get a copy with my lawyer if there is any issue, I never cheated on him or anything, and there are many ways to protect our children from parents who are that low for money, and sucks to deal with it because as a parent we are looking to offer the best to
    Our children

  45. Hi,
    I too recently had a DNA test done with a man who was supposed to be my biological father. My mother passed away in 2002 and left me his name, it has taken eight years to find him to be given a negative result. The problem being that i look soo much like him and his twin daughters also, my 6year old son has strong resembalance of him as a youngster as well. All said and done the result was negative, we had no idea this was to happen and have been left shocked and upset. Do you think i should get a retest or accept it? im soo confused.

    • Hi Tiff,

      We would be happy to speak with you about your results, maybe understanding what it all means would help. If you truly feel the results could be incorrect you are free to retest to get another opinion, however, I can say with DNA as long as the exact same people test you will get the same result. We would be happy to discuss your case with you, feel free to contact our client support team at (888) 404-4363 Mon-Fri 9am-8pm EST.

  46. My husband had a dna test done and it came back negative……can she come back and try to retest?. the test was done though the state because she is on this nightmare over or should I expect more drama?

    • Hi Sally,

      I really wish I had an answer for you. Most likely no, she won’t be able to force him into another DNA test, however, if she does get a court ordered test he would have to comply…again. I really hope your nightmare is over, however, if it pops up again feel free to contact us and we can help you any way we can.

  47. In 1999 I had DNA tests (by blood) performed on my son and the ONLY 2 men that could be his father, both tests came back negative! I know that I did not sleep with anyone else therefore, one of the two tests performed must be wrong. My problem is that I can not get help from anyone to resolve this major issue. My son is now 12 and I am still trying to get re-tests done. Unfortunately with all the hype on how DNA tests are never wrong I cant seem to get anyone to listen to my story. I know that there are things that can cause a false negative such as the issue of chimeras, there can also be problems with sample contamination, procedural errors, misinterpretation of results, and other mix-ups. If Jackie is reading this please tell me how you went about being able to get a court to listen to your story and require a retest. My son is 12 and I have not received any financial help for him thus far and I could care less if I ever do, my problem is that my son is paying the price for my mistake. I recently had to tell my son the truth about his biological father, and now more than ever I need retests done. any advice?

    • If the potential father’s are not willing to complete a DNA test, your best option would be to contact an attorney in your area for assistance. Each state is different when it comes to child support issues and establishing paternity. You may be able to get a court order to have both men re-tested.

  48. I just went through the same thing but they wouldn’t let me take another test so good luck

    • Hi Marilyn,

      One thing to keep in mind is that the personal at home test is not admissible in court because we can not verify who’s samples were sent in to the laboratory. If you strongly believe the alleged father is the biological father after the personal test was done, I would advise to complete a legal test so there is no question as to who’s samples are being tested.

  49. Yes i do i was just recently awarded a 2nd DNA test because i argued the outcome of my first results that said the alleged father was not the biological father when he is the only man that can be. I am very saddened though however because i am still forced to go through LabCorp because i do not feel that they thoroughly ruled out mismatches, i really do not know what to do. Can i ask for advanced testing when i get the test or no?