Paternity Testing for Dogs?

Canine paternity testing

With paternity testing in the news lately, most of us know about obtaining a paternity test for a child when paternity is in question. But what about paternity testing for dogs? The University of Partsmouth in the U.K is on the verge of launching a service that offers just that, a paternity test for dogs. Along with other DNA testing, dog owners can now test their dogs DNA to complete a paternity test as well as genetic tests that look for recessive genes that can lead to canine illnesses in certain breeds.

These tests can help dog owners find appropriate mating partners for their ‘best friends’ that will help verify the offspring won’t develop certain diseases that are linked to their breads, or paternity tests to help trace ancestry of their beloved pets.

About MyArea reports on Dr. Gary Scarlett who received funding for the services of DNA testing for dogs at the University of Partsmouth from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF). The fund encourages institutions to explore business initiatives.

Canine DNA testing has been available in the U.K for many years, however, Dr. Scarlett, from the Universities school of Biological Sciences, claims many diseases in canines can be traced to a single gene.

Dr. Scarlett states that in some cases owners simply want to know the ancestry of their pet, which is where a paternity test can come in handy. The test involves a mouth swab, similar to a human paternity test. Results of these tests can help owners determine the best mates for their dogs. Proceeds from the services will be used for further research in the school of Biological Sciences.

You can read more about the services Dr. Scarlett and his team offer at

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