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How do DNA samples for paternity testing become contaminated?

Paternity Testing

When samples for paternity testing are sent to the IDENTIGENE laboratory, the DNA carried within the cheek swabs could become contaminated a few different ways. How can you avoid this from happening? Here are a few tips.

Paternity test DNA collection

When you collect the DNA samples for a paternity test, there are a few rules you want to follow:

First, don’t eat or drink, smoke, brush your teeth, etc. for at least one hour before doing the cheek swab collections. The food/drink or any other matter can mask the DNA making it unusable for paternity tests. Although re-collections are completed one time at no cost to you, it can take more time before you get your paternity test results. You don’t want to have to wait any longer than you have to…right?

Collection of the DNA samples for the  paternity test

Swabs may become contaminated by contact with anther person’s DNA, maybe by someone who is collecting the sample. This can happen by someone inadvertently handling the tips of the swab, or dropping the swab. According to Dr. Donna Housley, the IDENTIGENE  lab director, “Sometimes the swabs are contaminated because people mix up the envelopes and put swabs from 2 different people in the same envelope, this is quite common. Also if a person has ever had a bone marrow transplant or a recent blood transfusion the profile could come back contaminated because we see two profiles from one individual when we amplify the DNA.”

When submitting DNA samples for paternity testing, avoid the original plastic packaging


DNA Collection

Something else you want to avoid is placing the DNA collection swabs back into the plastic wrapper it originally arrived in. You want to place the samples directly into the paper envelope provided in the IDENTIGENE DNA collection kit.

Keep in mind the collection envelopes may become wet because, unfortunately, saliva does affix itself to the cheek cells that are needed to extract the DNA. If this does happen, you will want to lay the sample envelope down on a clean counter and let them air dry at room temperature. Sometimes when wet sample envelopes are mailed, they rip and this could contaminate all of the samples, including samples of other participants.

DNA sample collection to help make your paternity test easy

Follow these tips and all of the other instructions included inside of the IDENTIGENE DNA collection kit and your samples will most likely arrive at our laboratory ready for paternity testing, and you will receive your paternity test results on time.

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  1. Hi, I did a home paternity test, and while I was swabbing my son I dropped his swab. will this affect the test results.

    • Hi Robert,

      This is a great and very common question! Dropping the swab may result in a possible contamination, however, it is unknown if contamination did occur before actually sending in your swabs for testing. Our lab does test for contamination with any samples received. Contamination does not change DNA or results. However, if our lab is unable to use the samples you provided due to any contamination, we would then contact you and ask for a recollection.
      I hope this helped answer your question. You can also contact our friendly client support staff if you have more questions or concerns. You can reach them at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. ET.
      Thank you for your comment!

      • so if I got my test results back it means that there was no contamination and nothing wrong with the swab.

        • Hi Robert,
          Receiving a conclusive result from our lab, yes (not excluded) or no (excluded), mean that there was no contamination. Our lab does test for contamination, and would have notified you if there was a need for a recollection of your swabs. I hope this helped answer your question. If you have any more questions, please feel free to call our friendly client support staff 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. ET.
          We would be happy to assist you, thank you for your comment!

  2. Hi im coulerd and my babies father is white im very dark skinned but my baby has everything of his father the eyes the color even the same birthmark at the same spot there is actually nothing of me and I only been with him but the test results come back negative we did a blood test,me he and rthe baby . And on the paper I received stand that we are coulerd and he is Caucasian please answer me I wnt too do a dna test now.

    • Hi Maryj,

      Although physical characteristics can hint at the paternity of a child, the only sure way of knowing is by, like you said, having a paternity test done. It does sound like you had a paternity test done previously, were you able to watch the father getting his blood drawn? It is important that the test is done with the correct participants. You can see that if someone was to falsify their samples, the test wouldn’t accurately represent the answer to the question you are wanting to know.

      We suggest either buying an at home paternity kit from your local CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or Walmart near the pharmacy and watching the sample being collected and accompany it to the mail so you know that all participants are honest or having a legal paternity test. These two tests are tested the same in our laboratory, the difference is that a legal paternity test is witnessed, collected and mailed by a third-party collector. A legal paternity test establishes a chain-of-custody and is able to be used in court if needed.

      If you have questions, please contact us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. ET. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Hi could my boyfriend’s ex had swabbed my boyfriend’s swab sticks and also the babys swab sticks with my boyfriend’s dna and the test comming back that he is the father?

    • Hi Black Beauty,

      No, our laboratory checks each set of samples to make sure none of the samples have the same DNA profile. If we find that two people have the same DNA profile, we will contact the participants to recollect the samples. Thanks for your question!

  4. We completed a test and put the swabs in their envelopes and then into the mail envelope before they were dry…could they have touched and combined to cause an 89% chance that he is the father??? This baby looks nothing like our daughter or anyone in his family. We are ok with her being his but something doesn’t feel right and knowing the test were still wet when put together bothers me. I didn’t have them at opposite ends either. Both swabs were on the same side of the envelope touching but were inside their own envelope but the outside of both were wet when put immediately into the main one to mail. Should we do another test?

    • Hi Ashley,

      This is a great question and is fairly common. Although, there is a very slight possibility that DNA could be added or mixed to samples in the scenario you mentioned, we have many procedures that ensure that this will not effect results and another test will not produce different results.

      For example, each sample or swab is tested to make sure that there is not more than one DNA profile, this means that if we find more than one DNA profile on a given sample, we will call the participants to recollect. In addition, we test for gender on each sample, this means that the mother and father’s samples could not be confused and the same goes for the father and a female child or the mother and a male child.

      As for the 89% probability of paternity, was the biological mother included in the test? It sounds as if the results you received were most likely “inconclusive” meaning no concrete yes or no answer was obtained. The mother helps us to determine the allele values that the child had to inherit from the father. When we take the mother’s DNA out of the equation, it is easy for us to see what is left over and has to be inherited from the father. Chances are that if the mother was not included in the test, the test could come back inconclusive.

      We suggest you contact our client support staff to talk to them more about your inconclusive result to see if there is anything that can be done to get a conclusive result. We can be reached at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. ET. Thank you for your comment!

  5. If the child and father was swab and the numbers are similar and some are missing can it be contaminated or alter to ready that he is not the biological father

    • Hi Coya,

      If you have received a conclusive result, either a yes (not excluded) or a no (excluded), our lab did not find a need to recollect due to contamination of the samples. Our highly accredited lab is 100% accurate based on the samples we receive and would notify you if samples need to be recollected. If you are still questioning the results, we recommend doing a legal paternity test, where a third party will witness, collect and send the swabs. You may also ask yourself if you were able to witness the collection and sending off of the samples to avoid tampering.

      Hopefully this helps in answering your question. If you continue to have questions or need more assistance our friendly client support staff would be happy to assist you. You can call us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. ET. Thank you for your comment!

  6. If the suspected father spat into a test tube and I left it in a fridge and after 2 months i dipped the swab into the saliva and received a negative result would that be accurate? I ovulated on the night we conceived and my baby looks like his twin and nothing like the other man who I had sex with 2 days before my period it doesn’t make sense.

    • Hi Sam,

      If you received a yes or no answer on your Identigene test result sheet, this means that there was enough DNA for testing and your results will be accurate as long as the we received samples from the correct or intended participants. This meaning that someone one did not falsify samples or send us someone else’s sample.

      Although the child’s physical characteristics and timing of conception may hint at the paternity of a child, the best and only reliable way to know for sure is a DNA paternity test. If the test with the suspected father came back negative (not the child’s father) it would be best to test the other possible father.

      If you have other questions, please give us a call at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday, 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. ET.

  7. If I had sex with a girl in September 6 and the baby was born in may would he be mine the baby came out on time and everything she doesn’t think he’s mine but Iwant to know what you think

    • Hi Tyler,

      There are many things that can hint at the paternity of a child. Timing and physical characteristics of the child are two of the most common. However, those methods are not reliable. The only true way to know for sure is through a DNA paternity test.

      We suggest you ask the mother if a simple DNA paternity test can be conducted. The test is painless and simple. All you need to do is buy the Identigene kit at your local drugstore or supercenter (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or Walmart). The next step is to swab the father and child and mother for cheek cells. You will then fill out the necessary paperwork and send that along with the samples to our lab. Once the samples arrive to our lab, testing takes 2 business days and results are available online.

      If you need more information on our test, please feel free to visit or contact us via phone at 1-888-404-GENE. Thank you!

  8. i swab the father 03/21/2014 but im not sending the swabs in until 04/08/2014 are they still usable

    • Hi Keyna,

      Yes, the sample will still be useable. To avoid contamination or molding of the sample, do not placed used swabs in the plastic, but in the sample envelope in a dry cool place until you are ready to send the samples in. Samples are generally good for up to 6 months.

  9. My boyfriend checked more then one race on his and the kid, can this affect the results?

    • Hi Jane,

      As long as the race description accurately represents the child and father’s race, you have no need to worry about the results accuracy as they will be accurate. If however, they indicated the wrong race description, the lab should be notified of the change as there are different equations used for difference race descriptions. Please have him contact us at 1-888-404-GENE if this is the case. Thank you!

  10. If there are 2 potential fathers and they are of completely different races (eg. middle eastern vs. Caucasian) is it necessary to have both potential fathers tested for paternity?

    • Hi Missy,

      This is based on personal preference, but you may be able to save a little money by starting out testing one alleged father. For example, you could start the process by testing the most likely alleged father and child. If the result comes back positive you can stop the process and save money you would have spent on additional testing. If the result comes back that he is not the father, you can add an additional alleged father to the case for only $89 if he is added to the test within 30 days of starting/opening the test. This will help you avoid paying for two separate tests. You can also test both alleged fathers from the beginning. This will cost you $159 (cost of kit and lab processing for father and child)+ $89 (lab processing for additional participant). If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you!

  11. My boyfriend took a legal standard DNA test today at a facility with the child in question. Two flags pop up to me and because I was not there I am not to know the possibility of contamination or if there should be an alarm in the first place. First they drank orange juice five before the appointment not the recommended hour before. Second when he mentioned this to the worker she had my boyfriend go wash his mouth out with water or drink it either one. Before he could stop the child, the child too picked up the same cup and drank from it and the worker proceeded to test them. Would this all have voided the possibility of an accurate reading and they should’ve been retested at a later schedule?

    • Hi SRenee,

      Contamination by food or drink will not effect the outcome or the final results of a paternity test. When a sample is contaminated, it simply doesn’t allow us to gather enough DNA for testing, it masks the DNA. The DNA itself cannot change. If we find that there is not enough DNA for tesing we would contact the participants and arrange for a recollection of the samples. The recommended hour to wait is to avoid recollection and delay of results. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-4363, Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-8 p.m. ET. Thank you for your question.

  12. Did a test with you a couple of months ago and the alleged father only swabbed himself and the baby and I did not swab myself. He took the test with him and mailed it off and also took the extra swabs with him that wasn’t used. Is it possible that he could have used the extra swabs on hisself and switched them with the child’s? The result came back he was the father, but I don’t think he is. On the results everything was the same ?!

    • Hi Amber,

      Because of our laboratory accrediation guidelines and our self made policies and procedures we check for the same DNA profiles within the same test. This means that if the alleged father used the third set of swabs for the mother or the child, we would detect that there were two supposed different profiles that are the same, but should be different. If this happens we would contact the participant and get new samples. We also check for the gender of each sample, mean an alleged father’s DNA could not pass for a mother’s sample and vice versa. If you would like to contact us further or have us look into your specific case, please contact us at 1-888-404-4363 and we would be happy to help you with any other questions you may have. Thanks for choosing Identigene!

  13. I took a home test and forgot to mail it and left the kit in my car for 3weeks in the middle of winter. Could that effect the results?

    • Hi Curious Momma,

      This will not effect the results of your test. Buccal swab samples are generally okay to be stored for up to 6 months before processing. We do recommend that you store them in a dry place store in their sample envelopes. If we find that the samples do not yield enough DNA for testing or if there was contamination, we will contact the participants to get a recollection of the sample at no cost to you. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-GENE, Monday- Friday, ET. Thank you!

  14. My friend is trying to get a sample from her boyfriend without him knowing. If she would get his spit bottle that has chewing tobacco in with the salvia to get a sample. If she’s does that will that make the test false or even work?

    • Hi Yvonne,

      We have other means of testing non-standard samples, or samples not obtained by using a buccal swab. These are the swabs included in our retail kits. Non-standard samples do cost more to process. The sample that you mention may not yield a high amount of DNA because it could be potentially contaminated because of the tobacco. In order to submit a non-standard sample, your friend will need to contact us.

      In regards to getting a sample from her boyfriend without his acknowledgement, we discourage this as we have found that it is beneficial for all parties to be involved. If the boyfriend has custody of the child, he will be able to obtain results of testing if he knows a test was done, even if he was not included on the test.

      Please call us at 1-888-404-4363 to learn more about non-standard samples.

  15. My boyfriend had sex with a girl and she had sex with another guy the same day well they took a dna test and it came back 94 percent postive his mom took gave the dna test but no one was around to watch could she have contaminated it to be his? I want to retake the test but fo them to do it by blood

    • Hi Ashley,

      Any way you take a paternity test, whether that’s by swabbing for cheek cells or blood, they are both accurate and reliable forms of testing. The difference between the two is that getting cheek cells is less invasive and painless when compared to using blood for testing, DNA in your cheek cells and your blood is the same. If the result came back as 94% probability of paternity, we do not consider that to be a conclusive result. This means that there is not a conclusive yes or no answer for paternity, sometimes this is because the mother didn’t test. Usually when the biological mother tests, you have a higher possibility of getting a conclusive yes or no answer. If they tested with Identigene, there is usually a paragraph below the conclusion section explaining more about the results. Another possibility is that there is an alleged father who is closely related to the tested alleged father. They will have more similar DNA than that of another unrelated alleged father so if there is any way that the close relative of the alleged father could be the father he should also be tested and the laboratory notified.

      As for your question about contamination, there is no way to fake or falsify a positive paternity test. However, in your case, it doesn’t look like the results came back conclusive. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to contact us at 1-888-404-4363 M-F 9 a.m- 8 p.m. ET. Thanks!

  16. What if he accidently put wrong race on the form. Will that affect anything??

    • Hi Lucy,

      If the wrong race description was listed on the participant envelope, you’ll want to contact us at 1-888-404-4363 Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 8 a.m. as this could potentially change some of your paternity test calculations. Thank you!

  17. Two questions

    1: smoking right before the test can mess it up?

    2: Say the “father” tests two different kids. Will his dna number results be the same on both tests?

    • Hi Mika,

      Eating, drinking or smoking before swabbing for samples cannot change the end results of your paternity test or change or alter DNA. Though rare, contamination of the sample can happen through eating, drinking, smoking or other means within the hour before you take the test. This does not mean that it can change the actual DNA, but simply masks the amount of DNA we can extract and use for testing. Sometimes we won’t have enough to conduct the test. At that point, we if do not have enough DNA for testing, we will contact the participants for a recollection of the sample.

      If the father tests for paternity for two children, the allele values (the numbers listed under “Alleged Father”) will not change. Each child however may inherit different allele values from the father. For example, say the father’s allele value on Genetic System “CSF1PO” is “9,11″. One child may inherit allele value 9 whereas the other may inherit 11. (See example below) Because the father and mother will not always pass the exact same allele to every child they have, the Relationship Index will also change.

      CHILD A
      Genetic System/ Biological Mother/ Child/ Alleged Father
      CSF1PO/ 10,12/ 11,12/ 9,11

      As you can see from the example above, Child A has inherited an allele value of 12 from his mother and an allele value of 11 from the father.

      CHILD B
      Genetic System/ Biological Mother/ Child/ Alleged Father
      CSF1PO/ 10,12/ 9,10/ 9,11/

      In this example, Child B has inherited an allele value of 10 from his mother and an allele value of 9 from the father. Each child can inherit different allele values from each parent. If each parent always passed on the same allele values to all of their children, they would have identical DNA.

      If you need more clarification on these questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-GENE(4363) M-F 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. ET. Thank you!

  18. I was just wondering what are the chances of the test being wrong

    • Hi Lex,

      Identigene is a highly accredited lab which means we adhere to the highest laboratory standards available today. In addition to abiding by our accreditation’s standards, we have many self-made procedures and polices to ensure 100% accurate testing. you can read about our accreditations here:

      In regards to probability accuracy, currently, the highest probability of paternity that any lab can produce is 99.99%. This percentage means that there is a 99.99% chance that the alleged father being tested is the father. Anything that is 99% or above is accepted by courts of law and for legal purposes. Theoretically speaking, to get 100% probability of paternity, every male on earth would need to be tested in order to rule him out as the father. As you see this is nearly impossible.

      If you have any additional questions refarding our test or accuracy, please contact us at 1-888-404-GENE(4363), we would love to speak with you!

  19. I recently had a test done but only swabbed the man and my baby. Could the results come back different if I too swabbed? Also he was smoking pot inbetween swabs..could this have messed anything up?

    • Hi Casey,

      We encourage the mother to be included in the testing. Sometimes the lab does not have enough DNA between the father and the child to come to a conclusive answer (yes or no) that he is or is not the father. When you include the mother’s samples, this will allow the lab to see what part the child’s DNA is definitely from the mother and which is left to the father. That being said, we still do get conclusive answers without the mother. If we find that a test comes back inconclusive, meaning we can’t say for sure if he is or is not the child’s father, we will contact the participants on the test to see if the mother is available to send her sample in as well.

      Regarding your question about contamination because of smoking, this cannot change the results of your test. Though rare, contamination of the sample can happen through eating, drinking, smoking or other means within the hour before you take the test. This does not mean that it can change the actual DNA, but simply masks the amount of DNA we can extract and use for testing. Sometimes we won’t have enough to conduct the test. At that point, we if do not have enough DNA for testing, we will contact the participants for a recollection of the sample.

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-GENE (4363) M-F 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. ET.

  20. If the mother is not swabbed and no sample sent in for her and just the child and alleged father is swabbed and sample sent in can this have an effect on the results?

    • Hi Shakeya,

      We always recommend sending in samples for the mother. Without the mother’s samples, there is a possibility of getting inconclusive results, or in other words, we are unable to release a yes or no answer to your paternity question because there is not enough DNA to come to a conclusion of paternity. That being said, however, many tests are able to contain enough DNA information to come to a conclusion.

      If only the father and son sent in their samples and you have received a conclusive (yes/no) answer in your results, this means that we were able to determine the paternity just using those samples. If our lab can’t give a conclusive answer because there is not enough DNA information to clearly distinguish if he is the father or not, we will contact the participants to see if the mother is available for testing. It is very rare that if all three participants test, that results will come back inconclusive. If you have any other questions regarding this please feel free to contact our friendly client support team at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you!

  21. My daughter has vitiligo (skin disorders), which i understand is caused by immune disorders. i did a test and it came out as 7 out of 15 did not match. i am not convinced about this result. i am also thinking that i may have mixed her samples in the same envelope. please help clarify this for me. if i need to re-do the test or maybe include the mum for more accurate results.

    • Hi Alie,

      Your daughters skin and immune disorder will not affect or change her DNA or your paternity test results. If however, you are concerned that you have mixed more than one sample on her collection swabs or through some other means, you don’t need to worry. We test to make sure that we receive samples with only one individual’s DNA. This means when the sample swabs come to our lab, we test to make sure there is 2 alleles (each person has 2 alleles) and not 4 alleles, which would signal that we have 2 DNA profiles for the sample/s. If we do receive samples with more than one set of DNA, we call the participants to recollect the sample/s. In answer to your second question, if you have received a conclusive (yes/no) answer to your paternity question, including the mother will not change the results. We encourage the mother to include her sample so that we can come to a conclusive (yes/no) question. Most of the time we can identify the answer without the mother, but having the mom helps if results are uncertain as to the answer.

  22. Hi, I took the home test with the mother and child. The results came back as not a match. The mother feels that I may not have swabbed the child well enough for an accurate reading or that contamination changed the result. I don’t believe that but I’m not an expert. Are either of these situations even possible? Thank You.

    • Hi Leo,

      If you tested with IDENTIGENE, no, neither of these situations is possible–let me tell you why. At IDENTIGENE we have many controls in place to help monitor possible problems with testing and also to safeguard against potential paternity testing fraud.

      In both cases, not having enough DNA for testing and any kind of contamination, would result in our lab contacting the participants for a recollection of samples. In regards to not having enough DNA for testing, our lab halt testing as not enough DNA was available to complete testing, thus your account would be on hold until we received those recollected samples. Though contamination of samples is rare, but possible, it will not effect or change DNA. Contamination simply inhibits the ability to extract enough DNA for testing, thus resulting in a recollection of samples before testing can be done and a result is released.

      If you want to learn more about this, you are welcome to contact one of our friendly client support staff members and they would be happy to answer your questions. Their phone number is 1-888-404-4363. Thanks!

  23. hi could you advise me how 5 of my dna profiles are present in a childs dna profile how they can be 100% certain i am not her biological father, i was told that 10 out of the 15 were not there but surely if there were 5 there that cant rule me out 100 percent can it

    • Hi Robert,

      This is a good question, and one that we get somewhat frequently.

      All of the human race have very similar DNA, so it is inherent that there will be some matching DNA among all individuals. With paternity testing, in order to establish a paternal or maternal relationship, the child must have matches at all locations from each side–one from the mother and one from the father. This is simply because a child inherits half of it’s genetic information from both parents. The exception to needing all locations to match is genetic mutations which happen, but rarely. In the case of genetic mutations, there can be mismatches at one or at most, two locations. Our genetic scientists can determine the likelihood of a genetic mutation by doing further testing.

      In your case, it looks like the child inherited similar DNA, which matched yours at only 5 locations. This means that there is no paternal relationship as the child should match your DNA at all locations except in the case that there is possibly a genetic mutation or two.

      Hopefully this helps you understand a little more on this subject. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our friendly client support staff at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you.

  24. Also had he just spit out a dip of snuff and swapped hiself. The swaps sit unt the mother was called back to be swapped 2weeks later.

  25. In the nineties when u had to go to the lab and swap yourself and had to be recalled back because they forgot to swap mom ( 2weeks) in the mean time what are the odds of having a incorrect test. It said my husband of now wasnt the father but the kid looks alot like him. From hair nose lips… etc.

    • Hi Amber,

      I’m sorry, but we’re unable to advise you on the accuracy of your previous test, as it wasn’t with IDENTIGENE. We recommend contacting the lab that conducted the test and ask about their accreditations, safeguards and controls for testing.

      If you feel you would like to take another paternity test, IDENTIGENE offers a home test which can be bought at CVS, Rite Aide, Walgreens or Walmart for $29.99. Once you buy your kit you can collect all samples by swabbing each participants cheeks and send in your $129 lab fee. Once the samples have arrived to our lab, testing takes 2 days. You can get your test results online with a secure username and password, call in and receive them by phone, or request a hard copy be mailed to you–or a combination of these. If you have any further questions about our test, you can contact us at 1-888-404-4363.

  26. My son drunk an 8oz formula bottle prior to testing can that alter my DNA results?

    • Hi Ashley,

      Food and drink can potentially contaminate the sample, however, if there are contaminates, we will contact you to recollect the sample. Contaminates, however, cannot change or alter the results of your test. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at 1-888-404-4363. Thanks!

  27. I dropped my personal swab on the seat of the car can this affect the results

    • Hi Tina,

      No, swab contamination will not affect your test results. If your swab is contaminated we will stop testing and will contact you to recollect the sample. If you receive your test results, this means that our lab was able to process your test without any problems. If you have any other questions regarding this, please feel free to contact our client support staff at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you.

  28. if me and my daughter (alleged) ate pizza 10 mins before testing could the results be false?

    • Hi Tonio,

      No eating pizza will not change the results as DNA cannot be changed. The pizza could contaminate the samples so that we are unable to extract enough DNA for testing. If this happens, we will contact you to recollect the samples. If you have any other questions or would like more information, please contact our friendly customer support staff at 1-888-4040-4363. Thank you!

  29. what is percentage that a false negative could occur. I was with same for 3 plus years and they excluded him as the father for prenatal dna test now he hates me. I received blood transfusion one month before and they have agreed to rerun tests but they didnt say if they found 2 dna profiles in my blood they just sent me test results as fact. This is confusing and I dont know what to do. When I talked to them they didnt say they had anything on file about contaminated anything. Also we went together and nothing was tampered with when taking samples we were never apart and watched each other the whole time all the way to going in store to mail

    • Hi Amy,

      This doesn’t sound like a test that IDENTIGENE performs, as we don’t collect blood samples. We recommend contacting the lab that conducted the test to ask about the possibility of a false negative and any other questions you may have about your specific test. They would likely be able to tell you if your blood transfusion could effect the results. Best of luck to you!

  30. I Recently Had A DNA Test Done For My Daughter And The Alleged Father Came Back NOT The Father Of My Daughter, I Really Beleive That The Test Is Wrong Or Rigged I Know It Sounds Crazy But He And I Both Know He Is The Father The Day I Coneived Adds Up To The Day I Had My daughter. He Had His Test Done A Week Before Me And My Daughter Were Tested And I Never Received The Results Of The DNA But He Did!! Then I Got A Paper In The Mail For NonCooperation Saying I Never Showed Up For My DNA Test!! Should I Get Another Test Done??

    • Hi Mya,

      If you didn’t have a legal paternity test, there is a possibility of participant fraud, meaning the samples sent in may not be from the correct people. We would recommend having a legal paternity test done. In a legal paternity test, a designated collector will verify photo ID, collect a photo from participant, witness sample collection and mail the samples directly to our lab. This option gives participants peace of mind that we have received the correct samples and that the samples have not been tampered with. If you would like to learn more about a legal paternity test, please call our friendly client support staff at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you!

  31. If I sent out my swabs on Wednesday November 20,2013 when should I plan on getting results?

    • Hi Kristen,

      If you sent your swabs using the pre-paid envelope included in your test kit, it takes 7-10 business days, depending on where you send them from, to receive the samples at our lab. Once we receive samples it takes two business days to process and get results. Another thing to be aware of is that we don’t accept mail on the weekends or on holidays. This week we are closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. You are more than welcome to call our client support staff to check the status of your samples and if we have received them (1-888-404-4363). If you listed an email on your order form, you will receive an email notifying you when we receive your samples and when testing is complete.

  32. My wife demanded that I do my sample in front of her while sitting in my office. I did this to appease here not thinking much of it at the time.

    I left the room for about 10 minutes and when I came back I swore the ziplock envelopes were in a different order then how i left them. So with this I opened the enveloped in question”potential other father” swabs, washed the father swabs under hot water, dried them, then re-swabbed them with my DNA and re-sealed them. Tests came back as my children. Am I just being too worried here, could any of the other mans DNA remained after washing to cause a false result? Thank you for the answer.


    • Hi Randy,

      There is a possibility that samples can be contaminated but we will be able to detect any contamination once the testing begins. Our testing will detect if there are two different DNA samples on the same sample swab because it will show two different DNA profiles. The DNA itself cannot be changed however, so if the samples are not contaminated, the lab will be able to process the testing and produce an accurate result.

      In the event that the samples are contaminated and they find multiple DNA profiles on a given sample, we will contact you and will send you a free recollection kit in the mail.

      If however you are still concerned, we would recommend a legal test. A legal test will eliminate any doubt about what samples were sent in for testing as legal tests require a third-party collector to handle the paperwork, witness the collection and mail the test to our laboratory. Feel free to give us a call at 888-404-4363 with any further questions you may have. Thank you.

  33. We all took a paternity test but not even 5 minutes before the test we ate a banana not knowing it could mess with the results. Could the paternity test come back wrong because of that?

    • Dear Marissa,
      No, eating or drinking before a test will not change or alter the DNA in any way. The only problem that could result would be that the food blocks us from collecting DNA from the swab. This is why we ask for three seperate swabs from each participant. It is unlikely that all three would be affected by the banana. If you have further questions, please contact our client support staff at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you.

  34. Can a sample be tampered with if a tips are doused under a faucet of water, then the fathers sample swabbed by the mother?Is the fathers DNA tested to make sure he is male? Can water affect the test?

    • Wondering,

      Yes, a sample can be contaminated if two DNA profiles are collected on one sample, however, we will be able to detect any contamination once the testing begins. We can detect if there are two different DNA samples on the same sample swab because it will show two different DNA profiles. The DNA itself cannot be changed however, so if the samples are not contaminated, the lab will be able to process the testing and produce an accurate result.
      In the event that the samples are contaminated, we do offer a free recollection kit which we will send out to you in the mail.

      We also test each sample for gender and compare it to what was indicated on the sample envelope. If there are any discrepancies between the two, our client support staff will contact you. Hope this helps to answer your questions. Please contact our client support staff if you have any further questions regarding your test at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you!

  35. My child me and dad was swobbed. My child and I were swobbed together. But the dad was swobbed from prison. The results came back he wasn’t her father. When I asked him how was he swabbed he said from mouth but he said she sat the swob on a table and she only used one could this have contaminated the test

    • Alice,
      First, please contact our client support staff at 1-888-404-4363 with your case number and they can confirm the amount of swabs we received from each participant. We run each “excluded” test twice so we would have required at least two swabs before submitting a result. We look forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you.

  36. Can a paternity test – dna sample be contaminated if it was done incorrectly… say rubbed it too long inside the cheek –to the point where they inside of cheek bled?

    • IDENTIGENE provides simple instructions with each DNA paternity test kit. We advise participants to wait one hour before swabbing after they eat or drink (which includes breastfeeding). One misconception is that eating and drinking can alter DNA results. The only thing contaminents like foods or liquids can do is block the swab from grabbing the DNA off of the cheek. If this happens, we will contact the participants for a retest. As far as blood, blood cells and cheek cells contain a person’s DNA. The DNA is not different; it is a unique genetic fingerprint for that individual.

      We hope this information is helpful. Let us know if you have any more questions and we will be more than happy to help. 1-888-404-4363 Thank you!

  37. if i put the samples in the envelope wet and they mixed would the results be tainted

    • Kamuai, It is unlikely that the results would be tainted. A common misconception is that we use the saliva for testing, when actually we test the cheek cells. If in the rare case that the samples did mix, we are able to detect if there are multiple DNA profiles on one sample. If we find that the sample has more than one DNA profile on a given sample, we will contact you and offer a free recollection kit which we will send to you in the mail. Hopes this helps! If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-(GENE) 4363.

  38. How long can you keep a dna sample that you haven sent it off and how do you store it

    • Shay, IDENTIGENE recommends that you send off your DNA within 6 months of collection. If your samples are older than 6 months, we ask that you contact our client support staff so that they are aware of your situation. If the laboratory cannot pull DNA from the swabs, they will contact you for a retest. If you need to store your samples, please make sure they are stored in a safe, dry space within their sealed specimen envelopes. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-(GENE) 4363.

  39. Hi. I am looking to test the alleged father of my adopted son. I have one, 15 month old buccal swab which has been stored in a vial at room temperature, but he dropped another buccal swab off today for good measure. My mother threw one away and kept the other, without double checking which one was which, so now I do not know how old the buccal swab is – it could be 15 months old, or it could be one day old. I see in the kit paperwork it asks the date of collection, of which i now do not know. Will it matter if I just right down the date of the more current one? Will the lab need to know, for scientific analysis, the exact date of collection? This is strictly for informational perposes and not legal. Getting another buccal swab is not possible as he does not wish to be bothered further.

    • Daren, If your sample is older than 6 months, the sample may not have enough DNA to provide a conclusive result, but we can always try. As for the collection date, you can put down the date you swabbed your son and then put a written note of the alleged father’s swabbing scenario. You can also contact client support and let them know about your situation. They can make a note on your case. Client support’s number is 1-888-404-(GENE) 4363. Good luck! Thanks for trusting IDENTIGENE!

  40. If I sent DNA samples off on 8/12/13 can u tell me when can I look to receive results???

    • Sirleda,

      Sorry for the delay. Hopefully, you have received your results. I would think they were ready by 8/20. If you want to share a case #, I can look into it for you. Thank you.

  41. Me my child and partner got swob the same day on April 12 I never got any results back and its july what does that mean???

    • Tamarra, Have you contacted IDENTIGENE? That doesn’t sound correct. IDENTIGENE would have contacted you if there were problems with your test in order to process your test. Our tests take 2 business days. If you can provide a case #, I can look into the case for you. Thanks!

  42. I send my swabs and I think I put my son’s swabs in my envelope and my swabs on his envelope would that be a problem?

    • Hello. You will need to contact our client support staff to explain your possible mistake. They can speak with the lab directors and evaluate your case. The number is 888-404-4363. They can send you new swabs for a retest. Thank you.

  43. I send my swabs and I think I accidently put my son’s swabs in my envelope and my swabs on his envelope would that be a problem?

    • Mariana,
      You will need to contact our client support staff to explain your possible mistake. They can speak with the lab directors and evaluate your case. The number is 888-404-4363. They can send you new swabs for a retest. Thank you.

  44. I send my samples and I think my sons swabs I accidently put it in my envelope and my swabs I put on my son’s envelope would that be a problem?

  45. My son looks so much like the father when he was a baby we did a dna test and it end up been negative so my queation is how can someone look so much as someone and not be it

    • Daniela,
      Physical resemblances are a matter of opinion. For example, “You look just like your mother” might be the opinion of one family member and then another would disagree and say, “No, she looks just like her father.” The opposite often occurs when parents have children that look nothing like them. This is where the comments come from that reference the “milk man” or “switched at birth”. DNA testing is the only way to confirm biological relationships accurately. If you doubt the paternity test results, you can always retest with another company or purchase a legal collection which will require an assigned third party to witness and mail the swabs. Thanks for contacting Identigene.

  46. I have a question how can it be possible for me and my son to take a paternity test while the absent dad was in jail but durning that time he nevr took at test he told me that but the result came back he was the father how is that possible .

    • Michelle,
      I apologize but I am not clear on the situation. For a paternity test, Identigene requires the alleged father and child to swab. The mother is recommended. Unless we had a swab from the alleged father, Identigene would not be able to complete a DNA Paternity Test. Please contact client support if you have additional questions. 1-888-404-4363 M-F 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. Thank you.

  47. Hi… I was wondering if swabs can be contaminated if a person travels from one country to another does the testing then puts the swabs in the envelopes , drives back and sends the swabs by mail? For example: going to and from mexico to the united states? And how long does it take for results because the person the did the testing said it took her 2weeks to get the results.

    • Dear Margaret,
      First, no traveling will not change DNA. Second, results can be delayed for several reasons. The main reason is mail method (choosing to use our postage paid envelope will take longer than sending overnight, two-day or priority mail). Once we receive the swabs, it usually takes 2 business days to process results. This can also be delayed if the paperwork is incomplete or filled out incorrectly; the samples are bad and we need to run the second or third swab for a participant; the mother doesn’t swab and the results are inconclusive and we have to request the mother’s DNA sample. Hope this helps. Thanks for contacting Identigene.

  48. My question is: If swab DNA test was done. And child was not swabbed til 7monthslater. They keep fathers DNA for that long.. Would test be accurate or not…. Heard can keep only 6months.

    • Tammie,
      We recommend sending in all the participants swabs before 6 months, but if a person hasn’t sent in the samples, we ask they still send in the specimens associated with the test and our lab will attempt to run the test as normal. If for some reason they cannot pull DNA from any of the swabs, they will contact the customer for a retest and we will send additional swabs. Hope that answers your question. If you want to talk with client support, please feel free to contact them at 1-888-404-4363. Thank you.

  49. Hi I Recently Took a at Home Dna Test the results came back in.said my son match 20 out of 24 of the boy alleles but it still said he wasnt the father. can you explain to me whats going on? im so confused

    • Shunikia,
      It just means that the DNA had 20 matches. A child inherits genes from the mother and the father and if the father was the biological father, the child and father would match at each allele. According to genetics, a child MUST have one matching number to the father in each “locus” or allele. In some cases, there are natural mutations where the child has a slightly higher or lower value than the father but these are rare. Each Marker location shows 2 alleles.

      Everyone receives one number from their biological mother and one number from their biological father. These markers are analyzed to verify matches between the alleged father and the child. If the markers between the alleged father and child match they are given a Parentage Index number that indicates how common that marker is among the population. If the marker is rare the number will be higher, if the marker is common the number will be lower. These numbers calculate to give the probability of paternity. The probability of paternity for inclusions must be higher than 99%. The probability of paternity for exclusions will show as 0%.

      If you are still confused, please call our client support staff and they can talk you through it. The number is 1-888-404-4363. Thank you.

  50. I know who my daughter’s father is b/c I wasn’t sexually active w/ anyone, but him the time of my conception & prior to conceiving my daughter I wasn’t sexually activefor 7 months. However my daughter’s father have doubts b/c we live in 2 different states. He had me purchase an identegene paternity testing kit from walgreens & swab my mouth & my daughter’s mouth & then send it thru the mail to his him. We did this 2 days ago. When he receive the kit he’s suppose to swab himself& send it in
    I wanted to know if this would effect our results b/c we swabbed at different times?
    I also want to know if my daughter sucking a pacifier would contaminate her swabs? My daughter is only 3weeks old & she suck a pacifier.
    Another questio

    • Dear Deedy,
      Thank you for contacting Identigene. Swabbing at different times won’t effect the results, however, do you have any measures in place that will ensure that the father swabs himself and not another person? Since you aren’t there to witness the collection, we would recommend you have someone that you trust witness the swabbing and mailing.

      Your daughter sucking a pacifier will not affect the DNA. Hope this helps. Best!

  51. Hi me nd my son dad take a home dna nd we were smokeing 5min before we did the test nd it take u guys amouth for the test to come back nd when we call they told us they could not tell if my son was a boy or girl so they send .some paper for his did to fill out and a mouth want pass nd when we got the test back it said he was not the father sshould we take a new one

    • Costina,

      I would advise you to contact our client support staff at 888-404-4363 to discuss the details of your case. We are only able to discuss general questions on the blog; to protect our customer’s privacy. Thank you.

  52. Hi!i did the test but my daughter brushed her teeth will this affect the results?

    • Carlos,
      No, if the cheek was swabbed according to package instructions, our laboratory should be able to grab DNA from the 3 buccal swabs. Thank you. Any additional questions, please contact client support at 888-404-4363. Best to you.

  53. Hi, I expect strongly that my daughter is not my biological daughter. I ordered a swab test online and had one sent to my ex, the first test she claims she did not receive.. She received the second and I came back that my daughter and my dna was a match! But u know my ex is still in contact with the man I think is the father.. I think she may have filled out my details but swabbed his mouth! Could it be possible the dna got mixed in the lab if they were both labelled with my name?

    • Dear Julie,
      If the test wasn’t witnessed, a DNA laboratory can only assume the participants are honest. If you have questions, you should consider retesting with a legal collection, where the swabbing is witnessed and the collector mails the samples to the lab. This removes the chance for dishonesty.

  54. My son had a DNA test last year when the child was 8 months but he had smoked before he went in could that affect the results he did have six matches and everyone says she’s the double of my youngest son .

    • Dear Tracie,
      No, smoking will not affect his DNA. If you are still in doubt, you could have him participate in a second DNA test to confirm the results.

  55. I was wondering if my child’s cheek was swabbed for less than the 20 seconds will that affect the results. Also will there be a delay due to the holiday season? I sent the swabs on Dec 26th from CA.

    • Hello JJordan,
      If our laboratory cannot pull DNA from the three swabs used on your child, they will contact you. Our laboratory was closed on Jan. 1 but open the other days (except weekends). Depending on your mailing method (express, overnight, priority or standard mail) will determine how soon your results will be available. Once they reach us, it is only 2 business days for lab turnaround. Please contact us at 888-404-4363 if you have any questions.

  56. Typically how long does it take for you to receive the samples once they are mailed because its been five days and i mailed it from tx to identigene?

    • Dear Kim, I would allow 4 business days for receipt to Salt Lake City, Utah if you used the envelope included in the kit. When did you mail the samples? Did you mail it on Friday, Dec. 14?

  57. I put the dna swabs back in the plastic bags and then the envelope for mailing. Will this effect the accuracy of the test?

    • Hi Jay,
      It will not effect the accuracy. If anything at all it may contaminate the DNA which means we can not get a profile and would need to recollect. If a profile is obtained then the DNA was not contaminated and was a good sample. Thank you for contacting us with your question.

  58. i took a test with you all a month ago my daughter was only a few weeks old. Would that have anything to do with the outcome of the results? Also can you explain the matching to me so I can understand how it work. How accurate are the results ?

    • Dear Quinetta. Please contact our customer service department, 888-404-4363, with your case # and they can go over your results statement. Your child’s age should not have any effect on the outcome of the test. We compare the biological father’s DNA with her DNA to get the probability of paternity.

  59. I took the est a month ago an twenty minutes before we took it we ate mc donalds m daughter even ate some. Im prety sure he is the father an my results came out wrong??? I would like some retesting swabbs if that is possible.

    • Destiny,
      Please contact customer service about your test. Did you get a results statement? Did it provide you with an “excluded” or “not excluded” result? Eating before the test can’t change the DNA it can only block it from getting on the swab. I will pass along your email address to client support. I would advise contacting them to discuss your test results. Thank you! 888-404-4363

  60. i think my daughter swab her son and touch the fathers swabs together. the test came out he was the father could this be wrong

    • Dear Mother’s Love,
      If IDENTIGENE supplied “excluded” or “not excluded” on the test results, they pulled consistant DNA from each party (mom, child, alleged father) and were able to conclude a result. If there was a double profile on a swab (dad and child’s DNA both on the same swab), they would have tried the other swabs or contacted the involved parties for a retest. Now, if the mother swabbed someone other than the alleged father on all three swabs, or switched the swabs, our test wouldn’t be able to detect this. Our “peace of mind” testing relies on all parties being honest and who they say they are. If you are still doubtful, you could always call IDENTIGENE and set up a “legal collection” where we hire a collector to witness the swabbing and mail in the swabs, as well as collect proper identification and paperwork, which eliminates the chances for customer paternity fraud.

  61. i recently did a dna test with my ex girlfriend. she refused to do the dna test around me so i let her do it at her house. she swabbed herself and the baby but i have doubts that she swabbed herself twice instead of swabbing her son. will i be able to tell if she did this?

  62. Is it possible that an alleged father who is also swabbing himself and the child could contaminate the child’s swan, resulting in false results?

    • Hi Doubtful,
      It is always possible for someone to swab someone other than themselves or the child involved if they are not being supervised during a “peace of mind” DNA paternity test. If you have doubts, I would highly recommend doing a legal collection. Identigene can set this up. Please call 888-404-GENE. In a legal collection, Identigene sets up a collector to witness the tests and mails the samples into the lab. This process still utilizes the same kit sold in drugstores.

      • Hi My Husband had this problem as well with a peace of mind kit 5 years ago. He swabbed the child and So did the mother. The DNA came back positive 99.9999354%. Wondering if there is a possibility of contamination or wrong result? Having doubts and was wondering if he gets a court based test it would change at all?

        • Dear Wondering,
          Thanks for your question. There is a possibility that the samples could be contaminated with food or drink, but we are able to detect any contamination once the testing begins. If this happens, we would stop testing and contact you about re-collecting the samples. It is highly unlikely that anyone else could be the child’s father with the probability of relationship result as 99.99%, as this is the highest result possible. Having a legal or court admissible test will not change the results as the only difference between our peace of mind test and legal test is that a collector is present to handle the paperwork, witness the collection and mail the test to our laboratory. If, however, you have any doubts about where the samples came from (whose samples they are), it would be best to witness the sample collection as well as accompanying the samples directly to the mailing facility. IDENTIGENE provides the most accurate testing available on the market today. We have worked extremely hard to put measures in place that prevent any mistake from being made throughout the entire DNA testing process from beginning to end. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at 1-888-404-(GENE) 4363.

  63. June 28 I was 5 weeks,help me please

    • Hi Lil Lady,
      I’m sorry but I do not understand your question. I’m assuming there is more than one alleged father since you took a paternity test. When you say it came back negative, are you referring to the DNA paternity test results? Did you use an Identigene test? I would call our client support to talk specifically about your results statement. They can be reached at 888-404-GENE.

  64. My sex partner and I did a home testing kit,he just collected my baby’s saliva and the results came back negative,ive been wit him since April 24,2011 and found out I was prego June 28,2011,could he b the father

  65. i had my baby tested on march 20 we recieved the results of negative on march question to you is if my 6 week old baby was drinking lactose sensitive formula mixed with barley flakes and the bottle taken out and the swabs taken a second later. could that possibly contaminate the test and give a false result….

    • Hi Chae,
      Food can contaminate the buccal swab and block DNA from being extracted by our laboratory, however, if we were able to pull DNA (we were in your case since you received a results statement) from the swab then we will provide results. If the food would have truly contaminated the swab, Identigene wouldv’e contacted you and requested you to reswab at no additional charge. Food DOES NOT change DNA. It can only prohibit us from getting it off the swab.

  66. Hello, I conceived around may 19th and slept with my partner twice around the time from 20th onwards but chheated with another man in this same time. We carried out two paternity tests which both came back negative. My partner done the swabs infront oof me so unlikey they were tampered with but I highyly doubt the second company, was a random company online who sent me a pack of swabs aand a pack to the alleged father. I sent my swabs which they received 2 days later but didn’t receive the males. So they told me for the test to be carried out either me or the male had to pay 30 for more swabs to be sent out but I suggested I would just send him my spare swabs ( cause the packs are pre made so I had the alleged fathers left over ) they went along with it and I let them know I had sent the swabs to the alleged fatherr special delivery and the company would receive them within 3 days. 2 days later they emailed saying they received the first set the male had sent as he hadn’t even had a chance to send the second sample. The first were sent first class and took 12 days to get there, aare they messing us about and not even a lagit company? Something has to have went wrong as there is no one else, I’m at my whits end and driving me mad reading all this info online. Please help!

    • Dear Kim,
      It does sound like you are having a hard time. I would suggest you call the company you used for your DNA paternity test and get some answers. We can only speak for Identigene. You can call our customer service department if you are interested in retesting using the Identigene test. 888-404-GENE

  67. Hi my husband and my daughter took a swab DNA test. Although my husband did not eat drink or smoke for an hour before the test some food from his teeth got on the test swab. Will that matter when I get my results back?

    • Hi Ali,
      Eating or drinking can contaminate the swabs. If that were to happen the lab would not have been able to extract a profile at all and would contact you for a retest. If you haven’t been contacted, this indicates there was not contamination and the DNA was just fine.

  68. I mailed off the DNA swabs last week, as I was getting the package ready I noticed that the alleged father swabbed the child in question on 9/11/11. He was swabbed the day I mailed it 2/9/12. (We lost the box and found it when we moved.) Also, I noticed that he placed the child’s swabs back in the original plastic wrap. So, my question is will the test be a total flop, since the sample is 5 months old and then placed in plastic? Clearly, he did not read the directions. I did, therefore, his sample was good.

    • Hello Kaye,

      Once the samples are taken they are good for about 6 months. We don’t want the samples placed back into the original plastic, but if they were kept at room temperature we may be able to get a good profile. You can choose to send them in or purchase a new kit. If you do submit the samples and we are not able to extract a good profile we will ask for a recollection at no charge to you one time. We will even send you new supplies. This will keep you from having to purchase a new kit.
      I hope this answers your question, please contact us again if you have any other questions.

  69. I just got the results to my DNA test & was wondering what if on accident I put NY daughters swabs in my envelope and mine in hers would that effect the results ? Im pretty sure I didnt do that but just in case I was curious. And another thing I was wondering is how do you determine if the gene is mutated I think was the word?

    • Hi Samantha,

      If the results are “not excluded” meaning he is considered to be the biological father then they were certainly not swapped. This is because the child and alleged father match and the mother and alleged father would not. On any exclusions we always check for a mother/child swap to confirm findings. As for mutations If there is only a single mismatch and it is off by only a single repeat unit (allele number) between the child and AF, and the remaining markers are consistent with paternity, we say that the locus is consistent with a mutation event.

  70. My daughter and her alleged father was tested it was determine he wasn’t the father I strongly feel he is because he was the only one I was involve with.The DNA specialist tested her with a candy could that have affect the test should I have a better to have a bllod test.

    • ER,
      We can only speak for the Identigene test. We recommend a cheek swab from each party – mom, child and alleged father. The inside of the cheek’s DNA is the same as blood DNA. I would recommend you retest using cheek DNA. Our kit can be found at major drugstores.

  71. Hi Amber,

    We had a paternity test done at a hospital. My son was very fidgety and I had to hold his mouth open and while the lady was swabbing his mouth the swab touched my hand.The lady looked at me and then just kept talking so I didn’t think to say anything wish I would have now. The test came back that the guy I believed to be the father was not but when I calculate the dates he was the only guy I was with at that time. Is it possible that my hand touching the swab could of contaminated it?

    • Dear Debbie,
      We can only speak for the Identigene test and our laboratory. If you take the Identigene test, we recommend you test mother, child and alleged father. We also ask for three swabs from each person. We do this because of the situation you described. If the DNA sample from your child’s cheek swab wasn’t consistent on the three swabs, we would have your DNA to compare it to or if a double profile was present (your DNA and another’s DNA on one swab) the lab would recollect at that point, just to be safe. If ever Identigene suspects contamination or doesn’t get enough DNA for our test, we would contact the customer and ask to recollect at no additional charge. You can purchase our kit at any major drugstore.

  72. Amber,

    Thank you for your response. In fact my daughter had a blood transfusion for really low platelets. But her father has a son and my baby nd his have same features. I know its his baby but the results thru us off big time. What should I do? Call the Determigene for another test nd do we have to pay again? When we ordered the test we werent asked about blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant until the day of thr testing

    • If you want peace of mind with another test I would recommend it. Keep in mind the blood transfusion would most likely not affect the results, however, sometimes peace of mind goes a long way. I would recommend waiting about 6 months from the time of the transfusion to take the test to really put your mind at ease. You will most likely need to pay for another test, however, you can contact the laboratory that completed the testing to see what they can do for you.

  73. Hi Amber,

    I have recently taken my 2 month old baby for DNA testing with her father and results came back as him not being the father. My baby had a blood transfusion when she was born but dont recall what it was for. Could that have any effect of the results? I know he was the only one. What can I do? Thank you

    • Hi Bren,

      It is rare that a blood transfusion would affect the DNA profile of your child. A bone marrow transplant is much more likely to affect the DNA profile obtained. In the rare instance that a transfusion does affect the results, it would usually result in what would appear to the laboratory as a contaminated profile and a recollection would be requested. It is unlikely to see a completely different profile. Also if the mother is tested along with the child, as is always recommended, it would be apparent if the incorrect profile for the child was obtained. We would always request the mother’s sample in such a case.

  74. Hi Amber…sorry if I didn’t explain very well….the two wet envelopes were laying on top of each other. Will this effect the results and possibly show him as the father if he is not since the two wet swabs possibly came in contact with each other thru the envelopes? Also the mother was not tested…just the father and son. Sorry for the confusion..

    • Hi Jeri,

      The DNA profiles should be just fine. IF they came in contact with each other the profiles would most likely come out with either two profiles, or identical profiles. In either case we would recollect samples at no charge!

  75. Hello

    After collecting the samples from my fiance and his son I noticed small wet stains on both of the envelopes. We made sure we collected the samples in the morning before they ate, drank or brushed their teeth but now I’m concerned the qtips can be contaminated…? Also, my husband is 100% Jamaican and his son’s mother is African-American; will the results verify if the son is also of Jamaican descent?

    • Hi Jeri,

      Because saliva comes along with the cheek cells when using the buccal swabs, the envelope may get damp, and that is just fine. We recommend letting them dry at room temperature.

      When calculating probability of paternity we do take into consideration the ethnicity of the alleged father and the mother, however, we do not ask for ethnicity of the child. The Child’s ethnicity will not affect the results of the paternity test.

  76. Hello I know for a fact my sons dad is his dad..but my sons family on his dad side did a in home test through universal genectics and they sai hed the results came back that he is excluded from being the father. They only matched 5 out of 16 markers and o% pi can that happen if he is the only Guy i was with..

    • HI Melissa,

      You would want to determine if it was a personally collected DNA test. If so, they are not court admissible because the lab can not verify whose sample was actually submitted. If you are sure he is the only possibility I would recommend that you suggest another test with your samples submitted as well, where you witness the collection yourself, or you may want to consider a legal paternity test. That is where all participants are collected at a facility and the collector submits the samples to the lab for testing. This will ensure that the samples were not tampered with by any of the participants, and they also verify ID to determine whose samples are actually being submitted. I really hope this helps and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  77. My wife and I ran the test awhile back and it came back that I was definitely the father. But as I looked back on the whole thing, it bothers me that my wife waited a few days before mailing it. So I wondered if she didnt perhaps buy another test kit and allow the real father to use a different envelope and submit it with the childs swabs, and throw away mine.

    My question is, do your test kits have all the envelopes/swabs marked the same within a kit? If you do, my mind would be put to rest.


    • Hi Scott,

      If she was to do something like that, there is no way to tell. You can contact our client support team and request a copy of your own signed envelope to see what was mailed in. When something like this happens I recommend doing a legally collected DNA test. This is where all participants are collected at a collection facility and the collector sends us the samples to establish a chain of custody. This will ensure they are not tampered with by any of the participants.

  78. hi Amber ,

    ok im almost certain that my boyfriend is the father of my child and our results came back that he is not . But we ate and brushed our teeths a half hour prior to the testing and i was wondering if that could screw up the strength of the test i knw it doesnt change dna but can it be the reason y some markers wherent found and on some if the markers my boyfriend and my son did match a number but they didnt get any percent . i dont know what happened but do you think we should retake it at a different lab?

    • Hi Meesha,

      I really hope my last response answered your question, however, if it did not please feel free to contact client support at 888-404-4363. We would be happy to answer any further questions.

  79. I’m sorry I meant 6 out of 9 had no percent but 3 did have a percent . BUT… 3 out of the 6 that had no percent , him and his dad DID have atleast one match in all 3

  80. Hi Amber, if I brushed my teeth a hour before and me nd my baby father ate atleast 25 mins before our paternity test and my baby ate an hour before the test and our results came back negative becux 6 out of 7 paternity index did not have a percent but the other 3 read : 2.29 , 1.34 and 2.44 might we did something wrong at all? Oh and on 2 or 3 that paternity index him and his father had matched atleast one number together in all 3 could we have effected the test? Should we take another test through a different company to see?

    • Hi Meesha,

      In order for the alleged father to be the biological father he must match each location. There may be a few loci matches, and that simply means those specific numbers at those specific locations are common among the population, it does not indicate a biological relationship. As far as eating or drinking before collecting the DNA, we do ask that you don’t do that for at least an hour before swabbing to help reduce the risk of food particles mixing in with sample. This is to reduce the risk of contamination. However, if their was an issue with that the lab would not have been able to get a profile at all and we would have asked you to recollect the samples. Food and other items will NOT change your DNA. Because the lab did get profiles this tells me the DNA was just fine. At this point I would recommend testing any other potential fathers to help determine the biological father.

  81. So my husband and my son took a paternity test, just for his peace of mind. I know for sure he is the father. But they used an online test with mouth swabs, and if he put his swabs in the envelope while they were still wet, could that mess up the results at all? Thanks.

    • Hi Shelby,

      No, that will not hurt them at all. Worse case the swabs will touch to create a double profile. If that does happen we recollect at no charge to you! Feel free to contact our client support team any time to check on the status of your case to help put your mind at ease.

  82. If my child and myself had drank a fruit punch drink before having DNA test will that contaminate the DNA test ?? As we were not told not to drink anything before testing, so we finished our drnks and enter the place for testing. Was not asked by tech if we had anything to eat or drink within the hour.

    • HI Liz,

      If the laboratory was able to extract a profile that means the DNA was not contaminated in anyway. Anything you eat or drink will not change the DNA in any way. If anything it would “destroy” the DNA so a profile would not be found. If a DNA profile was extracted than the DNA was not contaminated. I hope this does help.

  83. I did a paternity test through court and while doing this the person drop the swab before putting it in the mouth of the guy that might be the father. Could the swab get contaminated because I want to know how accurate is this DNA testing?

    • If a sample is contaminated in anyway, the laboratory would not be able to extract a profile. This would mean the laboratory would need to recollect the sample. If a recollection was not required, this is a good indication that the sample was not contaminated and the lab was able to extract a good profile for comparison.

  84. I did a test through you guys back in 2008 and my test results was 99.6% and a combined parentage index of 2,816 and before it was sent my girlfriend let our son who was a slobbing 2 month oldput his wet hands on the sample, Is there any way the DNA test could have been given the wrong numbers, My oldest son was 4 yrs old and was the test subject but my 2 month old grab the swab with his slobbing wet hands, You think I need to redo that DNA test because my son is being hid for over 2 1/2 yrs and im paying 600+ in child support…

    • If there were mixed profiles on the DNA samples the laboratory would have seen that. There would have been two sets of DNA. Because the profiles were clean (we know this because you were given a result) I would say they are accurate. However, if you are having doubts I would recommend having another test completed for verification.