Paternity Testing Reveals Non-Paternity in a High Profile Court Case

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony is on trial for the murder of her young daughter. Paternity testing was conducted after accusations of incest were made about her brother and father, and the question of whether either of these men were the biological father of young Caylee Anthony.

The Paternity Test

The paternity tests that were performed on both George Anthony, Casey’s father, and Lee Anthony, Casey’s brother, have been a hot topic in newsrooms all around the world. This murder trial has become high profile, and it seems everyone wants to know what happened to little Caylee Anthony, and what is happening inside her family unit.

Paternity Testing Results

Little Caylee Anthony

The paternity test excluded both George Anthony and Lee Anthony from being the biological father of Casey’s daughter, Caylee.

The trial continues, and the questions of paternity involving the young girls grandfather and uncle have been answered with paternity testing. With paternity test results indicating that neither of the accused gentleman are the biological father, the world will have to keep watching to see what the next twist in the trial of Casey Anthony will be.

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  1. I believe the rumor of incest was made by casey anthony to hide the fact she had no clue as to the paternity of her daughter caylee. She claimed in weeks before the father was living in texas and was deceased. Can we really be certain after all the lies casey has previously fabricated? Casey Anthony being found not guilty is irrelevant, irresponsible of the jury, and morally wrong. Casey’s attourney blamed her constant lying on child abuse at an earlier age. Could this be true? No one can be sure because of all her previous lies! Casey Anthony’s smile after being found not guilty would be enough for me to regret my verdict as a juror, enough said.

    • Hello Anonymous,

      The jury members were there to hear the facts the entire trial, and we have to put our trust that they made the dicision they truely felt was right. There are many views about this case, some in support of Casey Anthony and some are not. When it comes to the paternity of Caylee Anthony, we may never know, but DNA paternity testing could answer that quesiton if we had possibilities for testing.