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DNA Paternity Testing Spikes in February

Identigene revealed that February is the busiest month for relationship testing.

“When looking at sales history, February consistently stands out as the calendar month with the most demand,” says Steve Smith, executive director of Identigene.  He adds, “Twenty years in business allows us to trend data to help us predict the seasonality of DNA paternity testing. We think the first quarter spike may be attributed to New Year’s resolutions, Valentine’s Day and tax season.”

An independent survey commissioned by Identigene offers insight into the demand pattern for DNA paternity testing. According to the survey, 51% of adults with paternity questions said they either planned to address their doubt in the new year or would seriously consider doing so. The survey also revealed that men are twice as likely as women to address paternity questions.

Many fatherhood groups have emerged to empower men to become better fathers. The U.S.government has pioneered a webpage and community dedicated to responsible fatherhood   “Knowledge is empowering,” says Smith. “It’s important for children and families to know the truth about paternity, as it can impact a child’s physical and emotional health for years to come.”

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