Identigene Partners with Fatherhood Matters to Promote Active Fatherhood

Identigene has partnered with Fatherhood Matters Inc., a San Antonio, Texas based non-profit organization dedicated to promoting active fatherhood. The partnership consists of content sharing through Identigene and Fatherhood Matters social media channels such as company webpages, Facebook, Twitter and blog sites. In addition to content sharing, Identigene is supporting Fatherhood Matters with a donation and discount coupons.

“We are honored to work with Martin Henderson and Fatherhood Matters,” said Steve Smith, Executive Director of Identigene. “Confirmation of paternity can be a motivator, removing doubts about paternity can empower a father to become involved in parenting,” added Smith.  Martin Henderson, President of Fatherhood Matters, says it is important to remove any roadblock that deters men from being active in the lives of their children.  “I’ve seen many examples where proving paternity has made all the difference.  If a man knows a child is his, he’s more likely to provide financial and emotional support and to become invested in that child’s future,” says Henderson.

“Fatherhood Matters is in the community everyday speaking to families about the importance of fatherhood. If our partnership with Fatherhood Matters helps bring just one family together, it will have been worthwhile,” comments Smith.

The partnership with Fatherhood Matters is not the first non-profit that Identigene has supported over the last year. In July of 2012, Identigene partnered with St. Louis based Family Resource Center with its “Kids Deserve to be Liked” Facebook campaign, helping to fund programs to prevent and treat child abuse and neglect.

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  1. This sounds wonderful!

  2. We just found out that my son is not the father of our 2 1/2 year old grand daughter, what can we do?

    • Kelsay,
      We would recommend you contact a family law attorney in your area if disestablishment of paternity is needed or any other legal questions. Best to your family.