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Learn more about becoming a collector for IDENTIGENE below or use the form at the right to register. Registration is free and we provide all the training and collection materials you need.

About DNA Sample Collection

IDENTIGENE holds accreditations from the AABB, L-A-B, and NYSDOH for legal paternity testing. Court-admissible paternity tests require the cheek swab process to be witnessed by an independent third party: the Collector.

The Collector checks the photo ID (or a recent photograph) of each person being tested. Each person completes a Sample Envelope and a Chain-of-Custody form, which the Collector signs and dates. This chain-of-custody process provides proof of identity as well as proof of paternity or other relationships. The Collector may be any disinterested third party and no medical training is required.

The DNA Sample Collection Process

In just 20 minutes, this service can generate $60 to $90 or more per appointment. Here’s how it works:

1. The Participant Buys a DNA Collection Kit

Participant purchases a DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit at their local pharmacy or online and calls IDENTIGENE to arrange for a witnessed collection.


2. IDENTIGENE Schedules the Collection Appointment

IDENTIGENE contacts you to schedule the collection appointment. Appointments generally take place Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM, local time.


3. Collect DNA Samples Quickly and Easily

At the appointment, photocopy IDs or take a photograph of each person being tested. Fill out the simple paperwork and watch each person collect their sample. Mail samples and paperwork to IDENTIGENE in the postage-paid mailer provided.


Become an IDENTIGENE Collector

The entire process normally takes less than twenty minutes and IDENTIGENE typically pays $30 per person being collected. There is no cost you to provide this service.

IDENTIGENE provides instructions, training, and kit materials free of charge along with dedicated support for collectors via website, email, live chat, or toll-free telephone.

It's FREE to register as a DNA specimen collector for IDENTIGENE. Use the registration form at the right, call 1-888-404-GENE, or email ashaw@identigene.com.