Paternity Test Instructions

The following instructions are included with the IDENTIGENE® DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit available at pharmacies nationwide including CVS, Fruth, Rite Aid, and

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Kit Instruction Booklet in PDF format

New York Resident?  These instructions are not intended for New York residents. The Paternity Test Kit for New York Residents complies with New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) guidelines.


Thank you for purchasing your IDENTIGENE® DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit. We are confident that you will find our DNA collection kit easy-to-use with fast, accurate, easy-to-understand results.

Quality and Service

IDENTIGENE is the leader in personal DNA testing. Our laboratory is nationally and internationally accredited, providing 100% accurate test results.  IDENTIGENE DNA Test Consultants are available to answer questions and provide assistance. 

DNA Paternity Testing

This kit is for paternity testing (alleged father, child, and mother) only. IDENTIGENE also offers many other types of DNA analysis. For tests involving grandparents, siblings, or other family members, contact IDENTIGENE at 1-888-404-GENE or online at

Legal Paternity Testing

When DNA testing is performed for legal purposes, sample collection and handling must be performed by a disinterested third party. Purchasers of this kit qualify for a discounted test price on a legal purpose DNA test (proof of purchase required).

If you intend to use this kit for legal purposes, please contact IDENTIGENE for assistance.

Kit Contents (Alleged Father, Mother and Child)

  • 3 packets of cheek swabs
  • 3 specimen envelopes
  • 1 order form
  • 1 postage paid return envelope

NOTE: When testing multiple alleged fathers or children, additional fees apply; please contact IDENTIGENE for more information.

DNA Paternity Test Instructions

Step 1

Read the Terms & Conditions and complete all sections of the Order Form.

Step 2

Complete the information on the front of the Specimen Envelopes, including required consent of each participant (or legal guardian if under 18). This step is important for assigning the sample to the right participant.

IMPORTANT: Sample collection is the most important step: Cheek cells are needed for this test -- it is NOT a saliva test.

NOTE:  Wait at least one hour after eating or drinking for sample collection (also applies to young children who may be breastfeeding).

Step 3

Using one swab at a time, aggressively scrape the inside of the mouth for at least 30 seconds using an up and down motion as you rotate the swab.  

Also swab between the cheek and gums and around the inside of the lips.

Step 4

After collecting the cheek cells, place the swab directly into the Specimen Envelope. Do NOT place the used swab back into the original plastic packet. Repeat steps 3 and 4 using the remaining swabs in the packet.

IMPORTANT! Use all three (3) swabs in a packet for each person.

With the swabs inside the properly labeled envelope, close and seal the envelope. Repeat the sample collection steps for each person participating in the DNA test.

Step 5

Place all the Specimen Envelopes, the completed Order Form, and payment into the postage-paid return envelope and mail to IDENTIGENE.

Step 6

When sending samples to our laboratory by courier, such as FedEX or UPS, DO NOT use our PO Box address. Courier shipments should be sent to:

2495 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Shipments received before 2 PM EST are processed the same day. Weekend deliveries are not accepted.

Test Results

Test results are private and confidential. Typically within 2 business days from the date that samples are recieved at the laboratory, results will be made available to you online at

IMPORTANT! To access test results online or by phone you MUST provide a case login and password on the Order Form.

Online Results

To access results online, go to and click on the Results Login link.


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