Get 1-Day Results from the ONLY Paternity Test trusted by America's drug stores.

Getting a Paternity Test from IDENTIGENE is as easy as going to your local drugstore. Buy the kit for less than $30.

The lab fee is $129 but, for an additional $99 ($228 total), you can rush your order and get paternity test results in just 1 day.

How 1-Day Paternity Testing Works

1. Purchase the Paternity Test Kit

Purchase the kit at your local drug store or buy online. Find the IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Kit at CVS, Rite Aid, USA Drug, and (find a store). Look for the kit in the family planning or home diagnostics aisle.

Contact IDENTIGENE to request rush order processing.


Call IDENTIGENE to pay the lab fee ($129) and the rush order fee ($99) over the phone ($228 total). Write down your case number on the order form and make sure you choose a username and password for securely accessing your results online. Complete the paperwork by filling out one Sample Envelope for each person in the test.

3. Use the Cheek Swabs to Collect a DNA Sample

Use one pack of Cheek Swabs (3 swabs) for each person. Carefully swab the inside of the cheek (between the cheek and gums) for about 20 seconds. Place all 3 swabs (for one person) into the Sample Envelope with their name written on it. Repeat this for each person in the test.

Express ship your samples to the lab. Samples must arrive at IDENTIGENE by 10:30 am to qualify for rush processing.

4. Express Ship to Identigene

Ship the Order Form and Sample Envelopes (with cheek swabs) to IDENTIGENE via express overnight courier such as FedEx or UPS. Samples must arrive by 10:30 am the next business day. Once shipped, contact IDENTIGENE withyour express overnight tracking number.

Just 1 day after your samples arrive at the lab, you can access results online with the username and password you wrote down on the Order Form. (Note: 1-day processing excludes weekends and holidays.)

If you have any questions about your paternity test, please contact IDENTIGENE (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM ET).