How the IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Works

DNA Testing for Other Relationships

What do you do if the father isn't available?

Sometimes the possible father cannot be tested because he is deceased, unknown, or otherwise unavailable. In such cases, IDENTIGENE can answer paternity questions by testing another close relationship. A grandparent test, sibling test (brother or sister), or other DNA testing can provide conclusive results. Becaust this testing can also produce inconclusive results a direct paternity test should always be your first choice.

IDENTIGENE DNA test experts can guide you through the process, helping you understand how each test works, who can be tested, and what to expect from the results.

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Learn More About Other DNA Tests

Grandparent DNA Testing

One grandparent, one child and the biological mother


Sibling DNA Testing

Two siblings and their biological mother


Aunt/Uncle DNA Testing

One aunt or uncle, one child and the biological mother


Extened Family DNA Testing

Two individuals with a possible relationship
through their maternal or paternal line



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Twin Zygosity Testing

Two possible identical twins


DNA Safeguarding

One individual DNA profile