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DNA Testing for Grandparents

Grandparent DNA Testing can answer paternity questions when the alleged father is not available. A Grandparent DNA test can establish the biological relationship between your child and their possible grandparents, giving your children and their grandparents a chance to build what is one of the most vital and fulfilling relationships in their lives.

When testing both grandparents, IDENTIGENE routinely provides result probabilities greater than 99.99%. DNA testing with only one grandparent can also produce accurate results.

A Grandparent DNA Test can be used privately, for personal peace of mind, or can be made court-admissible when using a third party collector. IDENTIGENE helps make all the arrangements when you call.

How to Get a DNA Test for Grandparents

1. Purchase your kit by calling 1-888-404-GENE (1-888-404-4363).

Test kits sold at the drugstore are intended for paternity testing only. If you purchased a kit at the store, we will apply the cost of your kit toward the final price of your grandparent DNA test.

2. Test at home or via one of our collection sites.

For at-home, private testing, IDENTIGENE will send you collection materials. We will arrange for your collection appointment (and send a legal DNA test collection kit directly to the collection site) when testing for legal purposes (such as immigration or child support).

3. Collect samples using simple cheek swabs.

Use the kit as directed and, with the safe and simple cheek swabs included in the kit, collect samples from the grandparent(s), biological mother (optional) and child (the father does not participate).

4. Mail your samples to IDENTIGENE.

Use the postage paid return mailer provided in the kit. (For legal-purpose DNA tests, the collector will ship DNA samples directly to IDENTIGENE maintaining a documented chain-of-custody.)

Access results online in just 2 working days from the time your samples arrive at the laboratory. IDENTIGENE Grandparent DNA Tests are 100% accurate and provide high probabilities of a relationship when both grandparents are tested. DNA Testing with a single grandparent can provide conclusive results, too.

If you intend to use the Grandparent DNA test results in court (a legal grandparent test), be sure to let us know so we can arrange for a third-party to collect the DNA samples. (Learn more about Legal DNA Testing.)

If you have any questions about Grandparent DNA Testing or other DNA Testing, please contact us (Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 8 PM ET).