How the IDENTIGENE DNA Paternity Test Works

The Paternity Testing Process

DNA paternity test science uses the complex world of genetics to provide a simple, straightforward answer to paternity questions: is the man being tested the biological father of a child?

Paternity Test Results

IDENTIGENE paternity test results appear on a single page, with the result clearly stated at the top. This section describes how to read and understand our simple, easy-to-use DNA Paternity Test results.

Rush Processing - Get results in 1-day

The lab fee is $129 but, for an additional $99 ($228 total), you can rush your order and get paternity test results in as little as 1 day.

Paternity Testing Science

This brief look into the actual science behind paternity testing shows how our genetic scientists extract DNA—and paternity answers—from a simple cheek swab.

Why Test the Mother?

Paternity tests help identify a child’s father. But testing with the mother actually strengthens paternity test results. This section explains why IDENTIGENE strongly recommends including the mother in your DNA Paternity Test.

If you have questions about the paternity test process or any other DNA testing questions, please contact us (Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, ET).